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Review: Sidiz GC Pro - The Real Gaming Chair That Will Transform Your Gaming Experience

Gaming chair?

Not long ago, this was the majority.

There was a view that it was okay to use gaming chairs, but now, but now the price is increasing, the product finish and quality that does not show great development, and most of all, the homes caused by extremely sporty design and color The visual dissolution with the interior also contributed.

Gaming chair manufacturers adopt a variety of strategies. Some companies that boldly reduce the additional functions and reduce the selling price, while others add a variety of functions, luxury, or customization to show why this chair is expensive.

Nevertheless, looking at the reviews of chairs scattered in various places, the acclaim for Persia Group's chair brand 'SID IZ' is overwhelming. If you think it's a place where you can just sit with your hips, the price may look a bit high, but 'The most reasonable product you can buy when you think of my waist' The product that can be available is also a product line of Side.

I once thought about this. Personally, I don't have office chairs in my favorite gaming chair brand? Unfortunately, I was not released because I was dedicated to gaming products. Even though I was so sorry for the clear answer, I was curious. Do you not make a gaming chair in Side?

Side was done. Side GC PRO and Side GC, which were officially launched on February 13, Side's first gaming chairs, and today's products are Side's flagship gaming chairs, Side GC Pro.

In fact, I knew about the news about GC Pro quite a long time ago. After going to the LCK intuition, I felt from Benji's Ch obi, I'm also the most brilliant in the game. Since then, I often watch players, but I was sitting in a strange chair that I had never seen one day. No matter how much I looked up, I couldn't find the chair, and I passed by and saw the real thing in 2022.

The first impression was somewhat strange. How many years have you spent the rationalization of the gaming chair's hills like the hills of the gaming chair? Side GC Pro, you are not gaming chairs because you are too pretty. The stereotypes of gaming chairs were shaken. On the first day of G-Star, I was confused about something, so I haven't experienced the experience like a pupped child.

I'm curious about what I'm curious about. Even if I went to look closely the next day, I sat and sat down. A bit of a future-oriented design like Spacial Sport in the Dragon Ball, I felt it when I sat. Should it be a slightly different warmth from comfort. Normally, chairs are sitting for at least a week to work, play games, and take a nap for an hour to see if this is right for me. This product fits well with me

Three months later, I finally met GC Pro. After this review, we will always be together in the office, and we will convey six months or one year later. First, the office briefly summarized the week's impressions based on the four main features of GC PRO in the office.

Product photo

180 degrees is a necessary chair, is it necessary?

According to Side officials, it is a question that was thrown early in the chair. The researchers were thinking about whether the chair should put the function of being flipped 180 degrees. Is it really a feature that gamers needed? Does gamers buy because it contains this feature? If it is impossible to lie down on the chair, is it not a gaming chair? On the back.

In Side, he did not only question it, but he conducted a consumer interview. For customers who bought a gaming chair.


I really needed it because I needed it, and if I was still using it well.

The majority of gamers say they are not. Most gamers enjoy playing games at home, adding to the add-on to have a more comfortable space such as a bed or a sofa. On the contrary, I also heard that I would like to consider how to support my posture. The products currently being used are easily shaken by small movements, or they are too tightly fixed and feels trapped.

Side actively collected these opinions and dared to delete the ability to lay down 180 degrees. In addition, consumers' opinions were combined and integrated into Side's own tilting technology. GC Pro has applied a gaming tilt that supports the locking function that can adjust the back angle up to 5 stages. Thanks to this, gamers can be used comfortably regardless of physical condition and attitude.

The gaming tilt of GC PRO I felt like a thick rubber plate, and it was a praise. To revive the experience of experiencing gaming chairs, too strong chairs were like wooden boards, and the chairs that were too free were like a cheating balloon. The GC Pro was moderately cozy in the lines that did not burden the skin and muscles in the middle, and in the lines where the joints and bones were not nervous.

The chair must be adjusted to the armrest. GC PRO is up to 9 stages!

There is only one feature that experiences a lot of gaming chairs and thinks that you should not buy it without this element. It is the armrest height adjustment function.

In the process of studying gaming chairs, Side also conducted an interview with 'Benji Sports (GEN. G)'. If you are the most game in the world, you will be a pro gamer, and you need to study from their perspective to showcase a product that can be satisfactory for ordinary gamers. In the interview, most of the players answered that what is the most important part of the gaming chair?

The biggest concern in Side is that it has expanded the adjustable height to the fullest. The armrests of the GC PRO, which can be adjusted in detail from 650 mm to 760 mm and 9 stages, can be adjusted up to about 10 cm, which can be set higher or lower than any chair on the market.

Low armrests are the result of gamers who do not use armrests, including small kidney gamers. There were quite a lot of gamers who didn't use armrests than I thought, and most of all, they were uncomfortable. In particular, console gamers, with their elbows relatively forward, have shared the tip of the chair armrest that they can be engrossed in the game without a conflict with the desk.

In addition, it also supports the so-called 4D arm girl, which is called the up and down, left and right and back and forth functions. Thanks to this, you can change the height and location. Outside, it is designed to adopt a water pole design of curved surfaces that naturally flow like waterfall water so that elbows are not inconvenient for long game play.

The height adjustment of GC PRO's armrests, which I experienced for a week, was very comfortable. I was able to confirm that all my posture was different depending on how I wrote an article with one monitor and when I edited a picture with two monitors, and when I played the game. If it was usual, it would have been a bit uncomfortable, but it was possible to adjust the height according to the situation because it was possible to adjust it. It was convenient because I could put the height to the maximum when I went home.

However, because of the usual habits, there was no adaptation yet. There is a habit of grabbing and moving the armrest when changing or sitting the position of the chair. However, this is not a matter of GC PRO, but I think it will be able to adapt quickly because it is an individual problem that is not familiar with 4D control armrests. It's not uncomfortable to use this as a disadvantage, and if you don't have this feature, you'll have much more to lose than you get.

Why is there not LED in gaming? There is Side!

What do you think of gaming products first? I think of the LED that shines alone in a dark space. I once criticized that the qualifier of gaming was only a means of marketing, and I think of the opinion that if you put LED on the mouse, isn't it a gaming mouse?

But why is there not LED in the gaming chair on the market? Side's question is said to have begun here. These questions are transformed into why gamers like LEDs, and Side has been interviewing consumers. And unexpectedly, the answer was simple. That's how gamers express.

People who are familiar with the game have decorated their characters and avatars with nicknames and skins to express their personality in in-game. Even for gamers who are familiar with expressions, mice, keyboards, and PCs, which are physically, were difficult to express their personality. At this time, the most used element is LED.


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