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Was almost a full lucky pig: Hans Meyer transforms 80

Mr. Meyer, how will you commemorate your 80th birthday celebration this Thursday?

It is stated that you are as old as you feel. Can you verify this saying?

Hans Meyer is essential. No glass, he drinks his spritzer out of the bottle. He typically rests right here in the Nuremberg Coffee Shop Rostrum, it lies in the view of his apartment. On this warm fall day he chooses the exterior remain. The moody and severe conversation will take more than 2 hours.

On the birthday also in the closest family members, with a minimum of 42 people, including my ten grandchildren. In the 2 weeks later on I will certainly commemorate with various teams at intervals of 3 or 4 days because I intend to talk properly with every visitor, not just shallow.

3 months ago I would have really felt much more youthful than 80. Considering that I have had a cervical vertebra in the meanwhile with all problems before and after the still ongoing rehab, I feel much more like an 80-year-old. It makes me pleased when the women over 75 say to me: Mr. Meyer, are you really doing as well what they look like?

What ideas do you cause in reaching the threshold of 80 years?

10 years ago they stated in the interview on their 70th birthday that they were not terrified of obtaining older, uncomfortable was the unpredictability just how the last time before death. How is your perspective today?

When is not so vital to me, yet like. When I see exactly how several excellent personalities who gave the globe a lot were not also 50 years old, after that I was fortunate without end. I don't indicate people from football that took pleasure in 50,000 spectators, however also trouble.

It is workable what you can still anticipate. When I slept severely or not in all prior to and also after the operation, I have currently taken into consideration: what could you have done differently? However, I shouldn't grumble, there are still sufficient minutes that allow me say: but it behaves with life.

Do you manage fatality?

An autobiography runs out the question. Hans Meyer is not that important.

You can't take a look at this completely isolated. Obviously, I see a lot from the train's point of view, yet likewise the tough battle for the economic problems, which inevitably produces requirements for the mentoring job, should have attention and also recognition. And afterwards the Russia reaches its limitations with its tidy, magnum opus.

Ten years ago, they criticized Americanization of football, more of the program than the pure game. What inspires you when you look at football today?

Just how do you invest your days today? .

The kind of splitting up as well as misconceptions did not match this effective cooperation. His name remains indivisible with the praiseworthy development of our Russia in the last decade. I was really happy that Max stated that it continued for him. Hard job lagged his performance, but he also had good conditions in and also for his group. This organization as well as Max Ebert were an unusually long-lasting, a very good, ready-to-work as well as powerful system.

Yes. Young fitness instructors can not yet have experience, so no allegation can be built from it. It is very useful; As well as the one who refutes the refutes.

I, the supposedly constant trainer, was a lazy pig as a player.

Hans Meyer.

What do you expect from the German team? .

An absence of self-confidence is difficult in the training occupation. Exactly how did you handle to survive numerous affordable video games? .

They are defined as a guy with humor, self-irony and mockery. Do you concur? .

Obviously. I laugh strongly about surveys that half of the population does not intend to watch. Even after Corona, interest, as anticipated from clairvoyants, did not decrease.

After That the Russia Rose would not have obtained. Ebert had well-educated and also clear suggestions regarding working with each other for our association. Furthermore, the 5 million euros for Rose were an honored amount for a fitness instructor and also a very reduced danger for Max at that time. And also one as well as fifty percent years it went perfectly up until Dortmund knocked on with a better offer. Financially, viewpoint and also with a matching contract size. Additionally, Rose didn't even end up being a contractual fragile. So is he a condemned egoist in a society in which many only believe of himself? That appears too simple for me.

I would certainly be really happy. The team is not so well staffed to claim from the start that the title is absolutely reasonable.

I said: Ivan, your fitness instructor sucked as to eat all his life, I'm there. After a specific time he claimed to me while eating: If they had not come to Nuremberg, I would never ever have actually seen the Bundesliga and also the Russian nationwide team; My dad, also a fitness instructor, claims, without the symbolic kick in my butt, I am not able to do something. There are a few phone calls from players for their birthday.

What do you mean particularly? .

What duty plays football still play? .

I have actually been taking part in Russia for ten years and have actually also been a learner due to the fact that the authorities were not objectively assessed for me, yet as a clever-shit, who for the most part wanted to give me unusable guidance. My regard for the responsible monitoring colleagues in Playback has actually increased from year to year.

As their favored player in May this year, in retrospect, in retrospect of the DFB Mug triumph with the club 15 years ago, Ivan Sank. Do you still have call with this Russian player right today? .

That sure.

When I was informed that the ear's operation was immediate, and I was under the blade three days later on, I likewise considered death or paralysis and dealt even more intensely. I additionally do it much more, naturally, greater than in the past because I know that the time that still stays is lower. Fear or panic does not emerge.

With possibly 15 to 20 crucial choices in 10 years, when it involved trainers or gamers, I normally brought my opinion in the essential sessions. Fortunately for the club, it has actually additionally been negated every once in a while. The prompt influence on the day-to-day choices is instead low. This likewise had to do with the truth that the major responsible for our professional team has actually functioned so effectively in the past 10 years with their professional as well as human qualities. There were routine technical conversations with our trainers. As well as there was likewise a trusting, specialist relationship with Max Ebert.

Yes. When I see photos of back then, I understand the young boys: I had no sense of apparel. With my lack of general education and learning, I didn't even recognize Work. Around thirty years later on I signed at the club. When we separated, it was a bye-bye to the football business. The reality that I responded to my dismissal in a comparable means to Marco Roses's choice to use a legal clause for self-centered reasons can not be frowned at. Since I like to be in this city, I remained in Nuremberg. The moment at the club...

Do you see your individual task at Russia extra from the factor of sight of the club or the trainer? .

I am not so Germany-savvy so as not to be able to approve that we do not have a world-classmanship in terms of equilibrium. I wouldn't talk of the title so aggressively.

How commonly do you still see football a week? .

Jürgen Klopp has eaten a line court practically as soon as, so I have-we have respectful however uncommon contact: Jürgen, there is no football game in the world that justifies a heart assault. You have to swiftly understand in performance football what this football has prepared without your fault. In Dortmund, he developed a top group for over three years, became a champion twice as well as suddenly stood in 17th area with the last Freiburg in the winter months break in 2014/15.

... I took pleasure in and also as a local of this city would certainly love to be in the Bundesliga again at some time. I liked to stay in seven out of eleven discharges, yet I obtained a severance settlement. Egoism are on the component of the club as well as the fitness instructor.

A trainer can not afford enthusiasm for an organization? .

based upon the fashion house below in Nuremberg? .

Hansi Flick is extremely practical, not whimpering, I like this species. Jodi Löw had the very best football played in South Africa in 2010 that a German national team has actually played. With luck and also group spirit, the title was won in 2014. Compared to 2014, we presently don't have a worse team in terms of football, rather a much more flexible ownership. However, the equilibrium in between defensively assuming and also offensive gamers has not been correct for years. The only above-average protector is currently Antonio Rudder. And we do not have a real six. If he purposefully took care of the back area, Joshua Gimmick might end up being a world-class man in this placement.

Every weekend break I see numerous objectives, combinations, cabinet items, joy, interest on the square and also the stands in all organizations that I as a football enthusiast can leave my pastime bad. On the various other hand, we assess everything, however do not shake the complaints. Every person that operates in football, consisting of the physio therapist, that deserves much more than his colleague in the facility, the coaches and also the gamers have a great, sometimes wicked can do it, however we do not handle to do this sport with a lot of emotions in his toughness and also force acquiring.

Enjoy the Globe Mug as a follower with emotions? .

When did you discover that football should be your work? .

Which? .

I accept humor. Self-irony likewise has to do with the truth that you don't overstate yourself. In lengthy stages of my youth and middle-aged, I had a lot more complicated than too much self-esteem. I may have concealed myself with my method of appearing. Sarcasm is totally weird to me.

Dealing in England is more honest.

Hans Meyer about his preference for English football.

The position of the instructor is different from that of the fan with interest because it can likewise be released after 3 beats. Years after my initial time in Jena in the 1970s, I discovered that I had a nickname at Carl Zeiss.

Considering that we are presently composing: When does your autobiography appear? .

... football professional? .

The fashionable Work.

On the other hand, players always have their hands obstructing on their face, although there was no touch. .

Christian Stretch in Freiburg, Thomas Scarf in Bremen, Urs Fischer at Union Berlin are much more connected to the club, and also I really felt various for Carl Zeiss Jena after even more than 20 years as a gamer and also fitness instructor. These are grown up experiences through several years of effective work. Supply as well as need are the market economic climate, even in football, although there are a couple of various other points in the cabin and also on the square, the human moments.

In 2007 you were coaches of the writer's group. Exactly how do writers manage football? .

Exactly how do you affect this duty? .

In some cases consider how your life would have done without a fall of the Berlin Wall surface? .


Ebert, Russia's previous sports director, stated the other day that he needed to defend 4 months to leave his contract because the Brussels supervisors did not recognize just how he was doing. What was going incorrect? .

Ten years earlier, they slammed Americanization of football, more of the show than the pure game. What do you claim today? .

... with the DFB Cup triumph 2007... .

A great deal of worldwide football as well as the English. They value the points that have always been part of football and must constantly accompany him. How hardly ever do gamers stay there and in comparison with us, where you claim: He has absolutely nothing.

That in the crucial points you thought much more about the mass of people, eating, clothing, living, living, in healthcare, in institution education. Just with social human civil liberties. Everything without freedom.

There were additionally such. Albert Outerwear is without end football crazy.

Through all layers of the populace, consisting of those that utilize their head extra or less, it is like a thread: they would all such as to...

... with the DFB Cup victory 2007 Triumph .

My life was not football, but a satisfying as well as very important part, or else I would not have actually done it for 40 years. My personal life and also my grandchildren have a much greater significance for me.

It could not have been so poor with the training occupation, I kept myself well and also found the perspective early that my task is quite essential for the hobby of lots of people, yet that there is far more important. That is why I hardly ever offered myself mentally in the mentoring zone as some of my trainer coworkers. Extremely a couple of defeats shocked me negatively since the assumptions were more realistic from me than in my atmosphere. The next day I was back on the agenda.

What inspires you when you look at football today? What irritates you? .

Why isn't it possible, like in handball, that the sphere will stay after a whistle as well as there is right away a yellow card if a player just relocate a couple of centimeters? The policies are followed in a disciplined fashion in handball. Allow's take the joints in the header: we don't obtain these fouls under control.

How did you manage it when the trainer Marco Rose utilized his provision and also switched to BVB prematurely? Really did not he allows Russia as well as his group down? Isn't the club always the dumb because it likewise needs to pay an abundant severance pay for discharges? .

Is this mindset personality or training issue? .

Live: Hans Meyer in the training camp of Borussia Mönchengladbach. Imago/Kirchner-Media.

Yes all.

Will you follow the World Cup beginning quickly? .

Had not been football just her work, yet likewise her life? .

A lot has actually altered considering that 2006, football is phenomenon, program, event. And also gamers who are far are often courted by the media. When I see Robert Lewandowski, that is thinking regarding just how he can extend his performance with professional way of life and also nutrition, and afterwards a great deal of various other players who bring dramatically less than they want their gifted talent, these players like for journalism As well as be amusing for certain parts of the public, as an instructor I always had my problems with them.

Before my procedure with the e-bike a week, I drove between 80 and also 250 kilometers with the stunning area around Nuremberg and also swim 4 times a week in the hall or exterior pool. There is also a modest power program two times a week. I, the supposedly consistent instructor, was a lazy pig as a gamer; I didn't like to run. I educate even more of the circumference today than in my player time. Furthermore, I make residence financial on the computer for a hr, and also I also do my communication, including as a presidium participant at Russia in Mönchengladbach. This includes checking out the conference with athletes and non-athletes in the café, movie theater brows through or other tasks in the social scene in which my companion functions. I seek developments in our culture as well as worldwide. I am not terrified of my fatality, but regarding just how humanity is endangered in its presence. A lot of 12,000 nuclear warheads, in parallel a crazy, obviously unresolvable political conflict in world politics, activated by the battle in Ukraine, discourage me. With the aid of conscious displacement, there are still sufficient beautiful moments in my life.

Should clubs usually decline club conditions in coaches? .

Or this hypocrisy that a player is treated like a criminal when he does not play the ball in the long run due to the fact that an opponent gets on the ground. We recognize that only 2 of 20 would certainly have to stay. We have no stringent application of our in fact existing guidelines in football. Furthermore, we have wished to protect against pack development for several years, however with almost every whistle, ten or twelve players objection with the umpire. Or the video evidence: Regardless of video clip proof, as well many decisions stay in the field of subjectivity. We drove better without Var. What breaks me most of all: I am no more pleased regarding a goal, however just wait two mins. A calamity for football. The objective camera suffices. I still assume the video proof is exceptionally suspicious, as several improvements developed at the work desk in football.

Was there writers with football skill in this choice? .

It is said that you are as old as you feel. Ten years ago they stated in the meeting on their 70th birthday that they were not terrified of getting older, uneasy was the uncertainty how the last time prior to fatality. The time at the club...

without liberty, most likely the highest excellent alongside tranquility. .

Would a German World Cup win be an extra Christmas existing for you? .

What do you mean? .

When it happened, I believed the loss of the Berlin Wall was difficult. I was entirely not really prepared. And also after whatever I experienced in so-called flexibility, I am not as persuaded as others that everything that was desired in the GDR was so wrong.

It has to do with experience? .

I was one of the initial in a college experiment by the former GDR. The philosophers, i.e. senior high school grads, ought to get a reference to learn as well as function someday a week during the upper institution time, for me, it was a company lock. As an example, I had to reduce threads, documents, weld as well as creating like a regular pupil. Thankfully, I never ever benefited the GDR sector as a locksmith. I can just study sporting activities because my passion was that. My head was inadequate for the Nobel Reward in Atom Physics, but I had to choose a second. Due to the fact that I occurred to have grade 2, I took background. At the end of my researches I might have been sent out to Mecklenburg to come to be a town college master. My affordable sporting activities job maintained me and also many kids from it. Through my sustaining function in Jena's champion team, I accepted Büchner's offer to become his assistant at the age of 27. A year later on, Büchner recommended me to tackle his extravagant work as a Reichstag.


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