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Global Meta Bus from Meta -

  • Topic: How to build a global meta bus

  • Lecturer: Jun Chu-Meta Reality Labs Asia Pacific Foreign Policy

  • Field: Meta bus, technology

  • Time: 2022.11.17 (Thu) 15:00 ~ 15:50

  • Summary: META is doing its best to make the world closer. We are making global efforts to make Meta Bus a reality. What is the widely known meths? What role is XR technology and what building blocks do you need to realize meth bus vision? This lecture will deal with these questions. It also shares a method of cooperating with a broader ecosystem to predict what dangers and to build meta buses responsibly.

■ Meta's meta bus construction, and XR technology (expansion reality Extended Reality)

Reality Lab is a group that collects global teams consisting of researchers, developers and engineers to build future connections within virtual and augmented reality. In Reality Lab, it is building a next-generation computing platform where people can feel that they are connected anytime, anywhere.

Megabus is still building, but there are things you can experience. We will talk about the role of XR technology (extended reality) that enables social experiences, and some problems faced with companies, governments, organizations and other people around the world.

Just as personal computers have formed the last 50 years, we believe that XR technology will form the next 50 years. XR technology makes us streets to enable social connections. We believe that it is important to do work in a positive and responsible way because AR and VR have the ability to change the way they interact with the computer.

What is Meta Bus? Megabus is a space where you can share immersive experiences with others when you can't be together as a set of three-dimensional spaces in a virtual three-dimensional space and can do things that could not be done in the physical world. For example, Horizon Workroom is our collaboration space.

When discussing something, you can enter the shared conference room and workroom, and it feels like you are at the table with your colleague. We think that Megabus will follow the mobile Internet. Instead of looking at the screen, you will be able to feel it. Some basic parts are already ready.

In the meths, virtual space can be present in the real world with a digital overlay experience using VR headsets, mobile platforms, and AR glasses. It connects 2D to 3D experience. The premise of meths is that the experience of people is not just made by us, but also by companies, producers and non-professionalists. It is also necessary to help policy and regulatory agencies.

In order to build meta buses, it requires time, and we have time to openly talk with regulators, policymakers and major stakeholders groups to meet and exceed the expectations of the world community.

Starting, Meta announced last year's XR program and research fund. Including $50 million in program investment and external studies that can make metals responsible for two years, and this fund, we cooperate with industry partners, civil rights organizations, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions to predict risks. We will decide how to build this technology responsibly in the four priorities.

■ How to build technology responsibly

The four are privacy, economic opportunities, safety and intelligence, equity and inclusiveness.

Meta is working with Seoul National University to study how to design XR technology for the future safely and ethically. This area should be solved through a global dialogue on the roadmap and future roads related to doing these areas while making the product. Meta hopes for a virtuous cycle because investment begins more policy dialogue and strives for development.

What is innovative responsibility? Meta takes a human approach first. Consider not only how to build, but also what you are building. In 2020, he announced the responsible innovation principle of guiding the reality rap. People were not surprised. It means how our products work and are clear and transparent about the data they collect and share.


And another principle is the necessary control. XR technology combines the virtual world and the physical world, providing an opportunity to establish new digital and physical norms and set appropriate boundaries. For example, by setting personal information protection, it manages who can see the user's activity in real time in VR.

Then, the principle consider every1. In the world where AR and VR technology are common, we will try to include various communities. Our task is to give people the power to build a community. We think we can build meta buses together. It is believed that building a lot of creators, developers, and companies will enable better connections with open experiences that provide the greatest value for people and other digital spaces.

Considering apps on mobile phones or websites now, there are few digital worlds. The items purchased in the space are not possible. You can buy access to the game avatar, but you can't take it when you move to a new space, and from the physical world side, it's like buying a hat and never using it outside the store.

Metals will combine the current separated digital space into one and will provide continuity in a way that can be interacted. As a result, avatars and tory can be used more extensively in the digital space.

■ Experience in Meta Bus

How can people of Megabus have?

Many companies think they will build metals, but our main focus is on providing attractive social experiences. Take the Horizon Workroom as an example.

Workroom is a virtual reality space where teams can connect together to collaborate and develop ideas. Remote, hybrid, to collaborate with colleagues better and increase overall productivity, is for a team that does everything that consists of a face-to-face work.

Work using tools such as expressive avatars, spatial sounds, and collaborative whiteboards. We envisioned a new form of distribution work where people around the world meet and collaborate on the VR platform. VR can help you work better across 3D and 2D services. Horizon Workroom is already lifestyle.

Horizon World is not yet used worldwide. The same is true for Korea. However, it will soon expand the access to Horizon World to many countries.

We plan to do our long-term goals that we do not need to change the identity when we carry avatars and digital products wherever you go from Meta Bus to convert apps and environments. If Meta Avatar helps to realize yourself in Metals, it is important to have safety, security and control of your avatars.

Meta buses won't happen overnight, but as time goes by, it will open new opportunities for the community. Cooperation with private organizations, governments, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions will not only alleviate the risk of meth uses, but also help to lead new opportunities, focusing on access, education, collaboration and economic opportunities. Finally, we are at the beginning of the long journey, and as mentioned earlier, I would like to emphasize that collaboration is the core of the journey.


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