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VfL supervisory board avoids backing for Schmadtke

How opaque the past few days at VfL Wolfsburg have been demonstrated by this curiosity on Saturday: in the morning, at a time when Florian Kohfeldt's Demination was already sealed without his knowledge, the rumor suddenly circulated that the coach had his contract until 2023 extended early in the Lower Saxony. In fact, managing director Jörg Schmadtke, who maintained an unusually close exchange with the football teacher for him, in April led extension talks with the 39-year-old, to whom he strengthened his back out of conviction until the last day, in order to then have the discharge papers in his hand to press. A day after he said that Kohfeldt would go into the new season without a backpack, he justified his expulsion with the heavy burden of this season. A curious and extremely unusual turnaround for Schmadtke. The reason for the at least publicly presented changeover: Schmadtke, the boss, was overruled. From the supervisory board and Marcel Schäfer. The sports director is now the strong man of VfL.

Schmadtkes plan was stopped

What does that mean now? Actually, Schmadtke had to end this summer in Wolfsburg, but in February, despite the first doubts about him in the control committee, persuaded to extend it until the end of January 2023. "I am very pleased that Jörg Schmadtke puts his personal life planning in the back and that we will play the path a good way together," said supervisory board chief Frank Witter, who at the same time revealed that he was not yet shepherd for the chief position provision. In the explosive coaching question, however, the former VW board of Schäfer was now followed by Schäfer's conviction that one continued with Kohfeldt - who was still an emotional speech on Saturday as about his personal fate and his team on attacking the international ranks in the new season Involving - given the immediate pressure in the coming season, would be too risky. Schmadtke's plan was stopped, the maker was disempowered.

2022 Supervised Fieldwork Summary

Witter wants to comment "in due course"

Witter did not want to use the opportunity to strengthen the managing director, which is publicly exposed to the managing director, which is publicly exposed to its own press release. The rumor suddenly sent questions to the supervisory board, but the VfL only announced that the 63-year-old only wanted to comment "in due course". And thus Schmadtke as a "Lame Duck", he is sometimes viewed internally and lets it sit in the office. At best, the decision -maker takes on an advisory function. The supervisory board has to decide how sensible this is for the club, which urgently needs to create a spirit of optimism, but in which it rumbles vigorously and breaks distrust on all levels.


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