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Manchester City vs. Aston Villa: Premier League now in the live ticker

In the Premier League, Manchester City can make the championship against Aston Villa today. Here you can follow the game in the live ticker.

Manchester City welcomes the Premier League Aston Villa. Do the Skyblues get the championship today? Or does Liverpool still succeed in the surprise coup ( now in the live ticker)? You don't miss anything in our live ticker.

Manchester City vs. Aston Villa 0: 0

Tore | Listing Manchester City | Einson - Stones, Fernandinho, Laporte, Joao Cancelo - de Bruyne, Rodrigo, Bernardo Silva - Mahrez, Gabriel Jesus, Foden List Aston Villa | Olsen - Digne, Mings, Chambers, Cash - Ramsey, Douglas Luiz, McGinn - Coutinho, Buendia - Watkins yellow cards |

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Manchester City vs. Aston Villa: Premier League now in LiveTicker - 0: 0

19.: However, the hosts look very dominant. Nothing arises from the efforts of the Citizens. But experience has shown that this can be done very quickly with the individual quality.

17.: Liverpool for Wolverhampton for as long as 0-1, Steven Gerrad cannot help his former club anyway. The Liverpool player legend would certainly like to do this and take something with Aston Villa here.

15.: A header return from John McGinn goes wrong. The ball jumps past the box on the left and leads a corner for Manchester. At the subsequent cross from the left side, Robin Olsen is on hand with one hand.

13.: In the meantime, Digne is back, does not seem struck and ready to use. Thus, the left -back can intervene again after the continuation of the game.

11.: Calum Chambers meets his teammate Lucas Digne from two meters full of his face. The Frenchman goes down, the game is interrupted.

9.: After a return pass, Robin Olsen goes a little hesitantly to work, underestimated the liveliness of Gabriel Jesus. The Brazilian blocks the ball of the goalkeeper, which then jumps in.

6.: Although the statisticians have already attempted goal shot for the home side, it was a lot of good will. Fernandinho's header was not a really targeted or even dangerous action.

4.: from Liverpool comes a happy customer. The Reds are already 0: 1 behind. The Citizens would therefore have to do nothing more would be master with this result. But it is still to be played for so long.

2.: As expected, Manchester immediately takes the initiative. According to their Guardiola DNA, the Skyblues want to have the ball and shift what happened in half of the opponent.

1.: The kick -off just sounds. With 21 degrees and cloudy sky there are very pleasant conditions for playing football. Etihad is the frame filled with expectations of people filled with expectations.

Manchester City vs. Aston Villa: Premier League now in the live ticker - kick -off

Before the start: shortly before the start of the game we look at the referee team. Michael Oliver acts on the pipe. The 37-year-old FIFA referee is already in his 320th assignment in the Premier League. The assistants Stuart Burt and Simon Bennett are at hand. David Cote acts fourth.

Before the start: By the way, the first round of the 14th matchday went 2-1 to Manchester. At home, City has been against Villa for three games without a goal and has all won the last eleven league games. In April 2007, the guests last took something countable to Birmingham, with a 2-0 victory even the full number of points.

Before the start: Manchester has been unbeaten in the Premier League for eleven games. The last bankruptcy set it up against Tottenham (2: 3) in mid -February. Since then there have been eight wins and three draws. Such a draw last at West Ham United (2-2) the Citizens cost an even better starting position in the master race. With 28 season victories, 96 goals and only 24 goals, the measure of things is presented. After the defeat at the beginning of the season in the community Shield, leaving the national cup competitions and failure in the semi -finals of the premier class, the Premier League set the only remaining chance of title for that Pep Guardiola team. It is important to use it.

Before the start: For the guests, it's not too much. Neither Europe nor descent are an issue. The fourth in the table threatens no danger from behind. There are still a few places in there. With a win, the team from Birmingham could still climb to 10th place. In the last three games, however, Villa remained without a threesome. These were all home games and against Crystal Palace and Burnley (1-1 each) there was at least one point. The boys from Steven Gerrard celebrated their last victory two weeks ago in Burnley (3-1).

Before the start: At the season finale in the Premier League, the title is a remote duel. Manchester City or FC Liverpool - this is the all -important question. The Skyblues as the leader go into the race with one point lead. In a home win, the Citizens would make everything clear on their own. Liverpool plays in parallel at home against Wolverhampton and depends on Aston Villa here in the Etihad Stadium.

Before the start: There are also two changes on the part of the guests. Keeper Emiliano Martinez is missing due to knee problems. Carney Chukwuemeka can also be found on the bench. For this, Steven Gerrard Torwart Robin Olsen ordered between the posts. The loan of the Roma comes to the Saisond debut in the Premier League before returning to the eternal city. In addition, Philippe Coutinho is new to Villa's initial formation.

Before the start: For Aston Villa, the following eleven actors initially stand on the lawn: Olsen - Cash, Chambers, Mings, Digne - McGinn, Luiz, Ramsey, Buendia, Coutinho - Watkins.

Before the start: Compared to the last game last Sunday, Pep Guardiola made two changes. Instead of Oleksandr Zinchenko and Jack Grialish, both of whom will take a seat on the bench, John Stones and Phil Foden slide in Manchester's starting eleven.

Before the start: right at the beginning of reporting, we devote ourselves to the personnel matters of the day and primarily the mutual team constellations. Manchester City is concerned with today's task in this line -up: Ederson - Stones, Fernandinho, Laporte, Cancelo - de Bruyne, Rodri, B. Silva - Mahrez, Jesus, Foden.

Before the start: in the Premier League there is a showdown for the title today. Manchester City leads the table before the last match day with a point ahead of Liverpool FC. The Skyblues have it in their own hands and can make the championship perfect with a win against Aston Villa. Otherwise, they are dependent on the exit of the parallel game FC Liverpool against the Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Before the start: The game of the 38th match day will kick off today at 5 p.m. in the Etihad Stadium.

Before the start: Hello and welcome to the live ticker of the game between Manchester City and Aston Villa in the Premier League.

Manchester City vs. Aston Villa: Premier League today in the live ticker - the constellations

Manchester City: * Ederson - Stones, Fernandinho, Laporte, Joao Cancelo - de Bruyne, Rodrigo, Bernardo Silva - Mahrez, Gabriel Jesus, Foden Aston Villa: * Olsen - Digne, Mings, Chambers, Cash - Ramsey, Douglas Luiz, McGinn - Coutinho, Buendia - Watkins

Manchester City vs. Aston Villa: Premier League today in live on TV and Livestream

In order to be able to see the game between Manchester City and Aston Villa Live, you need a subscription to sky. The game will be broadcast live on Sky Sport 4 from 4:50 p.m. You will also find the conference on the championship on Sky Sport 2. The game of Manchester City and Liverpool FC is shown alternately.

Do you want to see Manchester City vs. Aston Villa in the live stream? As a sky subscriber, your option is skygo. If you log in with your account, you can already access the live stream. Otherwise, the Pay TV station also offers a paid sky Ticket _an ._

Track the last matchday of the Premier League live: now acquire the skyticket.

Premier League: The table before matchday 38

Rank Team Games Tord difference Points
1 Man City 37 72 90
2 Liverpool 37 66 89

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