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BVB: Kehl clarifies rose

Sebastian Kehl, successor to the previous Borussia Dortmunds director Michael Zorc at Borussia Dortmund from summer, commented on "Borussia Dortmund1" on the most pressing questions about BVB on Sunday afternoon. In particular, the trainer issue about the future of Marco Rose now seems to be clarified.

"I can clearly say that this was totally unhappily formulated," said BVB's current license player: "I can clearly say that I am planning the coming season with Marco."

When asked, Kehl, who will replace Michael Zorc as Borussia Dortmunds director of Dortmund in summer, assured that he sees this as a clear commitment to Rose, even if he again pointed out that he was "a few things with the current BVB coach after the season have to discuss ".

On Saturday, Kehl caused a stir with statements after the 3-1 of the BVB at SpVgg Greuther Fürth. When asked whether Rose was still a coach in Dortmund next season, Kehl had said at "Sky" that he was going out "from it today". Rose himself had said later: "What should I tell you? You are trying to conjure up anything out of any things."

Kehl: BVB soon has clarity with Haaland and Adeyemi

In addition to the Rose issue, the upcoming transfers at BVB were also subject. According to Kehl, the departure of striker Erling Haaland is imminent.

"I think we will have clarity in the next week," said the future BVB Borussia Dortmunds director. Haaland has an exit clause in Dortmund and is said to be before a move to Manchester City. Because of the death and the previous serious illness of Haaland's consultant Mino Raiola, the theme of the Haaland change had taken longer than expected.

In return, national striker Karim Adeyemi is to move from Red Bull Salzburg to Dortmund. "I assume that we will continue with Karim this week," Kehl also said to this personnel. Most recently, Adeyemis advisor Thomas Solomon had already spoken of the change of change.

The runner -up had already hired Nico Schlotterbeck from SC Freiburg and Niklas Süle from FC Bayern for the defense.

these are the most important statements by the prospective BVB Borussia Dortmunds director Sebastian Kehl from the "double pass":

+++ Can BVB or RB Leipzig break the dominance of FC Bayern? +++

Mintzlaff: "When we end the season again with the CL qualification, we have qualified five times in the past six years. But Bayern have been financially hired. That would be arrogant and not realistic for us. That we are internationally Look good, get far in the DFB Cup, shows that we have made the development step that is necessary. But we have to get even better in the league and be there when FC Bayern weakens. We see ourselves more oriented towards Dortmund. We have left BVB behind in the five-year classification and want to be one of the top 16 clubs in Europe. But it is not realistic to hunt the Bavarians. But expectations are being warped internally and externally. I almost have the feeling at the moment, to have to apologize for the current season. But we were in the semi -finals of the Europa League, after this first half of the season we are really good in the league and we are in the cup final. And W I have it in our own hands to qualify for the CL. I am convinced that we will do it. This can be the best season in the club's history. But sometimes it feels as if we are playing for the descent. "

+++ Kehl about his way of working +++

"To participate in people, give responsibilities, give people the feeling that they do something. The fact that BVB is also approaching and someone is looking at the hat is clear. But people should and want to be challenged. We are just trying there to go a new way. This is not easy because we are also driven by success every weekend. It is a big task to fulfill expectations. The most important task will be to improve the connection to fans. "

+++ Kehl before a new task as Borussia Dortmunds director +++

"The transfers that are made are my transfers, yes. As always, it is also teamwork at Borussia Dortmund. I was involved in all processes at Michael Zorc. But I was in charge. Of course, Hans-Joachim Watzke is always there. But but is always there. But We have a team that trusts each other. And that's my phase now. "

+++ Kehl about the necessary sales of players like Haaland +++

"It is part of the philosophy to develop young players further and then hand them over to the few clubs that stand above us. This is normal. You move on, there are other things that are important to the players."

+++ Is Adeyemi an adequate Haaland replacement? +++

Effenberg: "I assume that Haaland will leave the club. With ADEYEMI you have a top man. The question is: how do we want to set up at the front. A Luka Jovic would still be a good alternative, Patrik Schick also has the right level. But these are names that I throw in, which I don't really want.

Kehl: "It will be worth considering to say in the end: Which components are still missing. We will get speed with Karim Adeyemi, but if Erling Haaland goes, we will also do a certain physicality. But that is also a system question. "

Mintzlaff praises the BVB for the Haaland transfer: "It was a lot of imagination and expectation during the transfer. Nobody knew that it turns into the most interesting striker in Europe. One can be proud of that. Not FC Bayern are to keep such a player in the long term. "

+++ Kehl over Mats Hummels +++

"Some contracts expire in 2023. We have responsibility in the next few weeks and months to have these discussions. Mats and Marco Reus are also important players. I spoke to Mats when we got Nico Schlotterbeck, that's normal, That you get the players on board. And Mats was happy. In the end we are all at Borussia Dortmund to want to be successful. "

+++ Kehl about Erling Haaland +++

"At Erling Haaland we are contractually bound to the exit clause. But then the death of Mino Raiola, who has not really worked in the past few months, came. That is why discussions have been delayed. But I think we will have the next week have clarity in Haaland. "

+++ Kehl repeat reasons for Süle and Schlotterbeck +++

"Niklas and Nico could have earned significantly more money at Bayern. But they came to Borussia Dortmund, and the coach was also important to emotion to convince the players. And that was them."

+++ Kehl about transfer duels with RB +++

"Leipzig does this excellently with the young players. We sometimes fight for the same youngster. We keep competing. It will be the case in the future."

+++ Kehl about the upcoming transfer by Karim Adeyemi +++

Kehl: "Attention - I assume - that we will come forward with Karim Adeyemi next week. As long as this has not yet been signed with Salzburg and the player, the thing is not yet certain. So there is still room for interpretation. But we want to stay honest. "

Oliver Mintzlaff, managing director of RB Leipzig, to the ADEYEMI transfer to BVB: "It is no secret that we were also interested. You can assume that it was too expensive for us. That is why we got out of Adeyemi. It was for us Not to be presented financially. "

+++ Kehl to the Bensebaini rumors +++

"There is nothing to say. But I currently have a few other topics. We have now made two central defenders. We will be in the offensive area next week."

+++ rich Schlotterbeck and Süle? +++

Effenberg: "This is very good. These are the most fuel -strong players. This is a pound. The BVB has strengthened. But defending begins at the front. Everyone has to be ready to go along."

+++ Effenberg: BVB has disappointed internationally +++

Effenberg: "As BVB represents us internationally, the good Bundesliga result blurs a bit. They have failed in a light Champions League group and also in the Europa League."

+++ Why is the mood so bad despite the vice title at BVB? +++

Kehl: "Identification is an issue in the Ruhr area. At transfers, we paid attention to the fact that the players do not switch to BVB because of the money, but because they feel like Dortmund. That was the case with Süle and also at Schlotterbeck. We try something Connection to the fans. We unfortunately lost two of the last sold -out home games. We have to regain fans, that will not be given to you, we have to work out again. The team is duty. "

+++ What progress do you expect from Marco Rose, Mr. Kehl? +++

"We became runner -up yesterday, with a big lead over Bayer Leverkusen. But we have 21 wins at least. The report was too critical for me. But in other areas we can improve."

"We had a few topics this season, we had an incongrate. These are things that shouldn't happen to us in the new season. We still want to watch that we continue to play attractive football. We have lost players like Jadon Sancho who have lost We do not get replaced adequately. We will analyze everything after the season and take it critically. "

+++ runner -up BVB disappointed +++

Early end in the cup, early in the Champions League: What does Kehl say about the problems in Dortmund? Now the BVB is an issue.

+++ Büskens about Kehl's words +++

"We do not need a declaration of war from BVB. They really had us bleed in the last Bundesliga season. But I can also remember moments when we were in a Borussia Dortmundy difficult situation where we beat them in the signal iduna park The territory lives. "

+++ Büskens in interview +++

Ascent coach Mike Büskens comments on his future on Schalke and the misunderstood report that he would remain head coach. "If that was worth an urgent message... how the media landscape changed," said Büskens as an assistant from the coming season. "If it is worth an urgent message that I stay co-trainer, then respect," said the 54-year-old ironically.

+++ Also the future of Schalke interim coach Mike Büskens A topic ++

In addition to the BVB, the talk is also about FC Schalke 04. Moderator Florian König wrongly announces that "Bild" would have reported that Mike Büskens was also head coach in 2022/23. However, the boulevard leaf "only" reported that Büskens will definitely stay on the bench, i.e. sitting further down next to the field near the new, still mandatory coach - mind you again as an assistant to the district club. Later Büskens will be switched on live and still express itself.

+++ Kehl over Schalke's renovation work +++

"To rebuild this squad was a mammoth task. It was hard work. A quality feature for Schalke. There is nothing better for BVB than celebrating the mostly," said Kehl with a wink.

+++ Kehl for Schalke climb +++

"I'm looking forward to the derbies, the right derbies. Congratulations to Schalke. They belong in the 1st league. I hereby congratulate as a BVB-official Schalke Borussia Dortmunds director Rouven Schröder."

+++ Kehl becomes clear (he) +++

Right from the start, Sebastian Kehl has to comment on his yesterday's statements at "Sky". What exactly does it look like with a Roses future? "I can clearly say that this was totally unhappily formulated by me. That was not an intention. I can clearly say that I plan the season with Marco Rose that we discuss the transfer topics together. But we also have a few critical things too discuss." When asked by moderator Florian König, whether this was a confirmation that Rose remains coach, Kehl said briefly: "Yes!".

+++ Kehl statements overshade runner championship of BVB +++

Everything could have been so beautiful at Borussia Dortmund: a 3-1 win in Fürth, the runner-up. But the questions about the game was rather aimed at the future of Marco Rose. The current license player Sebastian Kehl, Borussia Dortmunds director of the BVB, was unable to confirm that this was also on the bench in 2023/23.

When it comes to the clear question of whether Rose will be a coach of Borussia Dortmund in the coming season, Kehl only said to "Sky": "I assume that today." An answer that allows room for interpretation.

On a further demand, Kehl repeated that he "assumes" that Rose is also head coach of the black and yellow in the 2022/23 season and thus avoided a clear commitment to the coach in the second attempt.

+++ So Marco Rose reacted to the BVB vortex +++

After the victory over SpVgg Greuther Fürth, Marco Rose was addressed in Kehl's words. The coach in the wording said:


Marco Rose at "Sky" to his job: "What should I say? You are now trying to conjure up something. Sebastian Kehl, Michael Zorc and Aki Watzke and I work together very trustingly. But it Is football and there are people who say that I may not be the right coach, but there are also many people who say that the path and the circumstances were difficult this season. I am still a coach of Borussia Dortmund and next year I am very much looking forward to it because I have an excellent relationship with my team and want to get a lot on the way. I think in football it works relatively quickly, if you lose two games, then you are actually gone again. But I take All of this relatively relaxed. We are runner-up and have 66 points. But we have severely disappointed in all cup competitions. "

TV expert Dietmar Hamann at "Sky" about Rose: "I often lack this fire to defend themselves against resistances and to result. I like to see him combative."


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