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Rost Arc is sincere in April Fool's Day

On April 1, April 1, a real new work that looks like a real new work, "Rost Arc Fighters" released high quality images and collected topics, and the Lost Arc, who collected the topic, once again, was achieved. This is a VR game this time. The 'Lost Arc VR' released through the Roast Arc Official YouTube Channel is literally a game that explores the roast arc world as a first-person VR. When you start the game, you know that your hand comes into the field of vision and stands on the ship's deck. After that, we will go through various places such as Rooturant, restaurant, and handwriting. Explore the roast arc world. In the video, the battle that expands the attack on the range of ranging from the enhancement of the range, the meat, and the fellow puzzle, and the fellow rods, and the laid to fight against the enemy, And a scene that faces the undead in a dark corridor that reminds the field boss, along with other chickens, and a horror game. There is a lot of

Basketball: Ex-NBA professional because of Russia

Between 2009 and 2019 Jonas Jerebo played in the NBA. Meanwhile, the 35-year-old is no longer active in the world's best basketball league. Now the Power Forward has joined the Club Zska Moscow in the times of the Russian Attack War in Ukraine, which ensures heavy criticism in his Swedish homeland. The National Basketball Association SBBF has meanwhile reacted. +++ Help families in Ukraine! The RTL donation marathon guarantees: each cent arrives. All information and donations here! +++ Jerebo from national team excluded Voigtmann leaves Zska Moscow During his NBA career, Jonas Jerebo was active for Detroit Pistons, Boston Celtics, Utah Jazz and Golden State Warriors. Meanwhile, the career of the Routinian is coming to her end, but Jerebo does not think of retirement. After the former NBA two-round pick played from 2019 to 2021 for the Russian club BK Chimki, Jerebeko was without commitment in recent months. On Wednesday, Zska Moscow, the former army port club, took the Swede

Austria Captain Suttner ends career in summer

The Viennese Austria must get along with Marchus Suttner from next summer without his captain. How the "Violettes" announce, the 34-year-old defender will end his active career as a professional athletes. The own artery of the "violets" died from the U 15 all academic teams and managed to jump over the two-party team in the Bundesliga team, with which he was allowed to cheer the last championship title in 2013. In addition, he became a Austrian Cup winner in 2009. "In the summer, my active career comes to an end. After ripe consideration with my family, I came to the decision to hang the shoes to the nail," says Suttner in a broadcast. "The decision to stop, has been there since last summer and I have already communicated them to the club in the fall. Since my first professional game in the second League 2005 against grat grain, 17 years have passed and I am happy to make this unique job about such a long period of time be allowed to exercise. I&

FC Bayern: Salihamidzic gives Joshua Zirkzee a wink

Although Joshua Zirkzee was trained at Bayern and had some time even considered a designated successor to Robert Lewandowski, but after a lending into Belgian Anderlecht, the striker finally explained, he did not necessarily go back to Munich. Now Bavaria's Munich chief has given the young Dutch a wink. FC Bayern: Treats Salihamidzic Zirczee? More about this: That's why Nagelsmann received such a contract with FC Bayern From the Munich "Tz" asked if Alphonso Davies had been his biggest scouting coup, Salihamidzic was surprisingly called the name of Zirkzee, although this was not necessarily happy in the professional team of the German football record champion. "This is always a question of perspective. Of course, Alphonso is the pattern example of a talent transfer. One could not paint it as a club: from the Canadian league in the world top," said the Munichs board of FC Bayern. Also Jamal Musiala had come to the club at the age of 17 "and today Ge

Mick Schumacher to Crash: Shows the safety of the cars

"I'm completely fit," said the Haas pilot on Sunday in the paddock. "This shows the safety of the cars nowadays." The son of record world champion Michael Schumacher would have also been able to drive the second Grand Prix of the Year after his own assessment. But at his hair, "extremely many" parts have broken, the 23-year-old reported. It is therefore to handle damage limitation to sit in a usable car in two weeks in Melbourne. It was probably a bit more dramatic for the people than for me. Mick Schumacher Schumacher was dressed on Saturday in the second passage of the starting seat hunt on the ultrafast city course in Jidda at high speed sideways in the distance border. The car was thrown across the track, lost two wheels and then came up severe damaged to a standstill. Schumacher was later examined in the hospital. Aftercutology, it was fed into King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital in Jedda for caution with a helicopter for further tests.

Remis to Cologne: Zeller secures Bayer one point

Before the neighborhood duel, both teams were on a relatively harmless place in midfield . The better start to the game caught the Cologne, who laid the game events far in half of the Leverkuseners in the initial phase. Almost logically, the FC also approached the gate and went after a free-kick by Islacker's headball goal in leadership (16th). The momentum took Cologne and was able to record more opportunities for possible 2: 0: Moorrees (22nd) and Gudorf (27th) failed to Bayer Goalkeeper Klink . Klett Kratzt Cheerful Kracher from the angle Zeller stokes the ball over the line This was less focused in the following years and has hardly been seriously tested. Instead, Wirtz for Bayer put the first exclamation point shortly before the break, but missed the Kreuzeck but scarce (45.), before Islacker could not accommodate a high-cowy in one-counter-one in the gate before the site change (45. + 4). Klett Kratzt Cheerful Kracher from the angle After the side change, the game lost

National team: Bella Kotchap returns to the U21

On the U21, the top game in Israel waits for Latvia's mandatory victory. Against the direct pursuer, the EM ticket is on the game. Antonio di Salvo looked at the next adventure after the mandatory victory against Latvia. "Israel - that's a special journey, already due to history," said the DFB coach before he rose on Saturday in the plane to Tel Aviv. In the luggage he had the recaptured table leadership of the German U21 selection, which he wants to defend on Tuesday at the toughest pursuer. Even with a draw, defending champion Germany would make a big step towards EM 2023. "There has not been much changed in the situation, it's still very tight. We know that we need to tackle each game highly concentrated - after all, we want to win in Israel," said Di Salvo about the fight for first place one, the ticket guaranteed to the final round. How victories go to Israel, white di salvo only too good: Already in November 2017 he was with the U21 on site, a

Canada misses premature World Cup

The football national team of Canada missed the premature World Cup qualifier by a 0: 1 against Costa Rica. The leader in the final group of North and Central America is missing after the defeat in undernay but only another point for the second World Cup participation of its history. Mark-Anthony Kaye saw in the 34th minute yellow-red, Celso Borges met even immediately before the break to the winner. Costa Rica ranked four of the table through the home win and held his hopes for the trip to Qatar alive. The best three teams from the Continental Association Concacaf are directly qualified for the World Cup finals at the end of the year, the fourth place must be in the playoffs against a team of Oceania. On the squares two and three, the teams from the US and Mexico are different, which separated themselves in direct duel 0-0. Both teams have each with 22 points three counter behind Canada and three points ahead of Costa Rica. Two game days are still standing out. Canada is on Sun

DFB Team - Schlotterbeck: Possible club change in national team No topic

Center Defense Nico Schlotterbeck From SC Freiburg, in the context of a digital media round on Thursday, was commented on the national team to his future. The 22-year-old is expected to celebrate in the games against Israel (Saturday, 20.45 clock) and the Netherlands (Tuesday, 20.45 clock) to celebrate his debut under Hansi Flick, the national coach had issued an assignment warranty a day before a day ago. In the DFB Dress, Schlotterbeck will present itself on a big stage - and the big clubs will look very closely. Among other things, FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund is interested in the Jungstar. Schlotterbeck again emphasized that a decision on his future is not yet: "I depend on how I plan the next step in the summer, I do not know that yet." At the beginning of the second half, his performance has suffered among the constant reverses, he revealed. That's why he first wanted to "play the season with Freiburg." And: "I do not exclude staying in Freibur

Russia plans Orientation of the EM 2028 or 2032

Because of the still ongoing attack war against Ukraine, Russia is excluded from all football tournaments - whether country or club level - excluded from FIFA and UEFA. And yet the country wants to align the European Championship 2028 or 2032. Russia has given a corresponding letter of intent, said Association Chief Alexander Djukov on Wednesday, according to the Russian agency TASS based in Moscow. Now the association has to work on the application by 12 April 2023 time. Russia has experience to align large tournaments, says Djukov. The country hosted the World Cup 2018, 2021 took place several games of the European Championship in the city of St. Petersburg. However, Russian teams and athletes were suspended from their sports associations after the attack on Ukraine on February 24th. The Russian football national team was excluded from the qualification for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Great Britain and Ireland 2028, Italy 2032? Previously, the football associations from th

Cod Warzone SeVanguardon 2 Reloaded: Dates, Content, Trailer and Improvements

CALL OF DUTY: Warzone Faces the reinforcements of seVanguardon 2, which shares with Vanguard. The free to play is especially reinforced on the playable side, and is that Rebirth Island modifies their points of interest by adding some unpublished. We tell you your content and when you will arrive. You can see your Gameplay trailer at the head of this news. CALL OF DUTY: Warzone SeVanguardon 2 Reloaded, Changes in Rebirth Island and more outstanding news When will the seVanguardon start 2 Reloaded from Call of Duty: Warzone in Spain, Latin America and the United States? CALL OF DUTY: Warzone SeVanguardon 2 Reloaded, Changes in Rebirth Island and more outstanding news Vanguard we said in the piece we dedicate on Monday, March 21, Rebirth Island emphVanguardizes the new points of interest . From Raven, point out that it is "the greatest update of the map" since its launch. Two vessels are added to the north and south of the map; The first on the dock, one of the points of

The secret on one of the most well-known expression of Shigeru Miyamoto: was it actually your own?

In theory, the quote credited to Miyamoto comes from the delay in the launch of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for Nintendo 64, which took one even more year of the projected. Nevertheless, lately. Sterritt clarified that he was not trying to find write-ups that held this appointment, considering that hundreds, but the initial visit, the first ways in which he showed up. Probably, you have once listened to a famous quote attributed to Shigeru Miyamoto, current representative director and Nintendo counselor: "A delayed game can come to be an excellent one, yet one made with a rush will certainly constantly misbehave" . The phrase has actually been duplicated in the number of media and situations. In the online forums, we ourselves have actually seen exactly how the customers themselves cited this phrase when he learned of some hold-up, a videogame that came out in inadequate problem, and so on. Actually, this phrase may not be genuine from Schreiber, but would have been made use o

Lothar Matthew About Hertha BSC: Felix has never been the cuddly bear

Record National Player Lothar Matthew looks positive on the coach change at Hertha BSC. Felix Magath is the right man to raise the rudder at the crisis-shaken capital club - even if he is not the simplest character. "Felix has never been the cuddly bear who takes every player into his arm and builds an emotional relationship with them," Matthew wrote in his column for SKY . Since Magath knows this himself, he brought his co-trainer Mark Fotheringham. "This is apparently a great guy. This duo seems to be a very exciting mix. The Scot - I think - faith - fantastic at the Hertha players and radiates the energy that needs it in the relegation battle." For Magath, it is now about to file "on a clear tactic" and "to stay faithful to his line. "She has proven itself. He will get to know the players even better and try to give them a better game style to them. He was a gifted technician himself and enjoys playing handsome football." Matthew jud

"Hyaku Heroes Rising" preview. Action RPG that can be easily attacked by "now"

Masterpiece JRPG "Hyaku Heroes" that became a one-time creator of "Genso Suikoden" created. "Hundred Heroes Rising", which is an action RPG as the day before that, is currently under development. Since this time it was blessed with the opportunity to play a part of this work, I would like to introduce the current impression including the contents of the work. "Hyaku Heroes Rising" is scheduled to be released within 2022 Action RPG. It is a nutmematari that is responsible for development. In addition, Mr. Junko Kono, "Genso Suikoden", is known that Mr. Yoshitaka Murayama has been informed in the scenario, Mr. Yoshitaka Murayama supervises, "Persona" and "Caligula". The compatible platform is PC / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch. As a story, the city "Newnever" affected by the major earthquake is stage. A treasure hunter "CJ" visited as a business for financial reconst

Windhorst with tough criticism - Hertha

About two and a half years ago Lars Windhorst made for a bang on the German football stage: the entrepreneur and his Tennor Group took over 37.5 percent of Hertha BSC GmbH & Co. KGaA (now the shares were increased to 49.9 percent). A financial syringe of more than 200 million euros should actually form a Big City Club from the Gray Mouse Hertha BSC, but ago Larsing success did not turn. Windhorst resorts the problem in the leadership of the association. In the "picture" tit "The location of the league", Windhorst shared mainly against President Werner counterbauer. He has the feeling, counterbauer see Hertha BSC as a kind of "personal toy". In the top also rule "Klüneli", there are many "ropes". Counterbauer does not go to Hertha, but "his powerful". "I'm clearly against the top of the Bureau and his followers. It is now the highest railroad that we rum around the rudder. I put on the positive effects of a reb

Adeyemi falls out for the country games

Last Friday, Hansi Flick did not want to set itself yet and wait another examination. Meanwhile, the result of the MRI made in Salzburg is present: Karim Adeyemi (20) will be for the international matches against Israel (next Saturday) and in the Netherlands (Tuesday, March 29). The striker of RB Salzburg had moved into a muscle injury in the ÖFB Cup semi-final in Wolfsberg last Wednesday at the back of the Thinkel and had been replaced in the 19th minute. Adeyemi has been used three times in the national team and scored a hit. The national coach estimates the fast, goal-oriented and goal-threatening attacker, who scored 15 goals in Austria's first league and three in the Champions League for this season. Due to muscle injuries, Flick had already had to delete the two defensive forces Niklas Süle (26 / FC Bayern) and Lukas Klostermann (25 / RB Leipzig) from his squad. The German national team meets this Monday in Frankfurt.

Magath at Hertha BSC: Savior or "Regent of Madness"?

Felix Magath is to save Hertha BSC before the descent. After the crashed Tayfun Korkut again a personnel, which polarizes. But his savior mission is delayed, two days before the game against 1899 Hoffenheim, Magath was positively tested on Corona. Many construction sites: harmless offensive, desolate defense Herthas squad: many individualists, no team Magath once successful firefighter On the 13th of March, many thought of a premature April joke when Hertha BSC Felix Magath entrusted the mission of league. But far was missing. It does not go to Magath and not for Fredi Bobic, Hertha's firefighter made clear on his first press conference. "It's about the club, in the situation where he needs broad support, need players support." Support from a "grinder" like Magath. The first training days ran promising, on Thursday then the setback: Magath was positively tested on Corona and will not sit on the bench against the TSG Hoffenheim next Saturday. Then is int

Lewis Hamilton: "I will be an aggressive driver"

"So I do not tick, so I'm not approaching the season. I want to be the best I can be," said the Mercedes pilot before the first Grand Prix of the Year on Sunday (16 o'clock mez, live! At Grand Prix ) In Bahrain. Hamilton wants to raise performance and at least be on the stand of the end of the season when he had lost the title on Max in Red Bull after questionable decisions on the last round in Abu Dhabi. "I do not crude, I have no burden that I jelly in the season", the seven-time world champion assured on Friday. "I can not change the past." Hamilton recognizes a lot of catching demand for the test drives at his Mercedes team. But the Englishman insured before his 16th season when he was addressed on future diligences with stages: "I will be an aggressive driver this year."

Forza Horizon 5 The Speed Zone Up

The events and activities of Forza Horizon 5 are becoming more and more at a heart, as every series continues and adjustments to the festival playlist are made. Playground Games does not hesitate to shake things when the community is not a fan of how the current systems work. No matter if it is traditional races or one of the many PR stunts spread in the open world Mexico, each of the activities is quite fast, but it can be difficult to find a specific 1. There is no way to search for a specific activity, and if you do not know where you need to search, you could spend too much time to scare the card and search for the desired event. Luckily we are here to save you the effort to find it on the map, and have the exact location located at home Forza Horizon 5 La Subida Speed ​​Zone Location . Read below for complete instructions. Location of the Speed ​​Zone by Forza Horizon 5 La Subida The La Subida Speed ​​Zone location in Forza Horizon 5 is located in the west of Mexico, alon

Twitch: Asmongold explains why there should be no childish vuors

On Twitch seems to be a new streaming meta. More and more so-called vuors sprout out of the ground. Twitch-Star Asmongold has voted on streaming platforms such as Twitch and explains that he has a big problem with those who use childlike avatars . What is a vuill? "It's like cheals" The problem with appearance of the avatars What is a vuill? The word vtuber results from the two words virtual and Youtuber . Vtuber are Streamer , which instead of showing themselves in front of the camera, use a virtual figure that imitates their motion of real life . Mostly, anime figures are used as avatars. Because the term originates originally from Japan, where Japanese Content Creator rather than their own faces of animes use inspired avatars. The trend is especially popular with female streamers on Twitch. The most famous Vuberin on Twitch Istironmouse , which has risen with its avatar to the streamer with most subscribers. However, the type of "Votabens" arouses

Practice: GTA 5 PS5 worth

Aw sh * t, it's gone! Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the best-selling games of all time, from more than 160 million copies over the decade that followed its debut. Released for the first time on the PlayStation 3 in 2013, the game was a pillar of software sales throughout the PS4 generation, and now it is launched on the PS5. For those of you who play on the new generation console of Sony, you will be able to download GTA online for free, while the solo campaign will have a cost of launch of only 8,75 £ / $ 9.99 until June 14, 2022. But it's worth up? Rockstar has barely touched Los Santos since its launch on PS4 in 2014. This means that, that you have invested in a PS4 Pro or that you have used the backward compatibility of the PS5, the console version of the game has been locked at 30 images. second. In 1080p over the past eight years. Not surprisingly, then, see the version presented at 60 frames per second in a higher resolution is breathtaking - even if it is not reall

Georg Teigl About comeback

Georg Teigl at the home game against the WAC a skull fracture, a yoke fracture and a pine break. Now the Austria kicker looks forward again. What happened on February 27? In the final phase, Georg Teigl collided with his opponent of Nikolas with his opponent, got the knee to his head and went to the ground - Luka Lochoshvili responded quickly and prevented with players Christopher Wernitznig, who swallowed his tongue completely. The bitter diagnosis: skull fracture, yoke fracture, pine breakage. At SKY , the 31-year-old now gave an update to his health and any comeback schedules: "I have to listen to the expertise of the doctors. A few weeks I still have to rest so I do not experience any shocks. Running is only possible in four weeks, maybe three. I'm always a bit impatient. The first two weeks I used to recover me. The head is absolutely important, not just the heart. " The first days after the accident, Teigl tried to "do not look at the phone": "The

GO NOW: Special energy drink for gamers

Gamer - there are many still think of painful fast food junkies, which beat each extra sugar water the nights around the ears. The gambling on PC and console is anything but trivial: who wants to hold on, must be a potite and bright wax and always fully focused in the matter. The company Gamers Only wants players now supported with a special energy drink named Go Now. The best game consoles GO NOW: No sugar, zero calories The best game consoles 1st place To offer at Amazon Test note 1.7 Good Microsoft Xbox Series X Details of the Test Detail Button Arrow Per Runs quietly and will not be too hot Comprehensive multimedia program Contra Controller is in comparison to innovation Menu guide partly Frickelig to offer 568, 90 € To offer Amazon on offer at Idealo to the offer on eBay Not available! To the offer at Mediamarkt Not available! To the offer at Saturn place 2 To offer at Amazon Test note 1.8 Good Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) Standard Edition Details of

2. Bundesliga | Request rejected: Fortuna

Football second division Fortuna Düsseldorf has failed with his attempt to lay the game on the Saturday (13:30 / SKY) at the SC Paderborn Coronabeding. "The DFL did not grant our application for game laying. The game takes place at the SC Paderborn 07," said the club with. The team had already made himself decimated on the way to Ostwestfalen the day before. At the Düsseldorsirs are currently 14 players and among others also head coach Daniel Thiune affected by a corona infection - apparently a professional too little to engage in the German Football League (DFL). "Currently there are 16 players who are considered playful. It currently hangs on a player, whether played," Saturdayschef Christian Weber had confirmed on Friday. In Paderborn, the team of co-trainer Jan Hoepner is looked after. "A normal week was not and certainly no normal preparation for a second league game," said Hoopner, who has to replace numerous power carriers. The Düsseldorfers

Joel Matip for the first time Premier League

Twelve mandatory games went the FC Liverpool until the ultimately insignificant 0: 1 against Inter Milan on Tuesday, seven of them alone in fully packed February. Now Joel Matip was subsequently given another success. The Premier League distinguished the central defender of the Reds as her player of the month. A double premiere: For the first time since its free-free change from FC Schalke 04 to Liverpool almost six years ago, Matip won the price - and for the first time a camera. In Liverpools four February league games, which served as a valuation basis, had not missed the native Bochumer no minute and made sure that his team had to accept only one goal. In addition to Leicester he prepared the gateway to the 2-0 final score by Diogo Jota, at the 6-0 victory against Leeds he met himself to 2: 0. This handed the 30-year-old to leave the nominated Ché Adams (Southampton), Ryan Fraser (Newcastle), Harry Kane (Tottenham), Ben Mee (Burnley) and Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace). Acc

Nearest injury shock for BVB

Again a bad news for Borussia Dortmund: According to Erling Haaland and Yousoufa Moukoko, Sturmtank Steffen Tigges also falls out. For the 23-year-old, the season is even finished prematurely. As the BVB confirmed on Thursday morning, Tigges suffered a fracture of the left ankle ankle at the training session on the day before without foreign action. An operation is inevitable, the attacker can therefore no longer be used in the remaining ten compulsory matches. In recent months, Tigges had a firm place in the professional squad of Dortmund as a noble joker. In his nine inserts in the Bundesliga, the native Osnabrücker gives three goals after all. In the upcoming home game against Arminia Bielefeld on Sunday (17:30 clock), BVB coach Marco Rose now has to get along completely without nominal nineans in the bid - no simple situation for the exercise leader in the criticism. Personal Misere in BVB attack is dramatically Most recently, Tigges was the last remaining midstorm at Boru

Draisaitl conceded with Edmonton third defeat in series

Draisaitl remained without goal participation, as well as teammate Connor McDavid, with which the 26-year-old Cologne leads the scorancing of the league. For Calgary, leader in Edmonton's Pacific Division, Tyler Toffoli met twice. In the Oilers meanwhile, the effect of the coach change in February already seems again. After the team first won five games in series under the new Chef coach Jay Woodcroft, it now lost six of the last eight lots. Edmonton is located in Western Conference two points behind the last wild card, which entitles to playoff participation. "Do not win often if we just do a goal" "We showed a decent game," Draisaitl said, "but we will not win often if we just do a goal. In the attack we did not have enough for us. "The attitude is not the problem:" We are doing everything in. " It works better for the former national coach Marco Sturm, which lies as a assistant coach of the Los Angeles Kings on playoff course. The K

Hertha BSC: Dodi Lukebakio before returning

Attacker Dodi Lukebakio will break his tents in the summer at VfL Wolfsburg and return to Hertha BSC. This reports the "kicker". Accordingly, Wolfsburg have no interest in a fixed commitment of the four-time Belgian national player, whose loan engagement at the Lower Saxony is still running until the end of the season. Lukebakio was last under coach Florian Kohfeldt, if at all, only as part-time workers asked. His disappointing record in the VfL jersey: four gate participations (a hit / three templates) in 23 competitive games. "He had some moments when he had his potential he has flashed," said Lower Saxony director Marcel Schäfer after the game at Eintracht Frankfurt in mid-February (2: 0), in which Lukebakio had first contributed a goal in Wolfsburg's Dress. "Against Cologne he was well initiated the two goals. His claim and our claim to him is that he creates go-threatening actions in each game." It is important for Lukebakio, "that faith

Late response to early shock: 1: 1

The SC Prussia Münster takes a point from Wuppertal thanks to a late balancing stator to the 1: 1 final score. It was the very late reply of the eagle carrier, which had been shocked very early in the game by the hosts. In between, two teams worked, which did not give anything to the end of the English week. False start in Wuppertal Quite late reply The data for the game With four change in the startTELF, the Eaglegärt began in Wuppertal: Julian Schauerte, Gerrit Wegkamp, ​​Marcel Hoffmeier and Thomas Kok slid after they had a break in Lotte, back to the initial formation. The rear left position took as expected Luke Hemmerich back. False start in Wuppertal The duel in the stadium on the zoo began very bad. No 120 seconds were from the clock, a powerless keeper Max Schulze Niehues had to reach behind. The right side had sent Kevin Hagemann with a beautiful passport behind the chain Moritz Monday to the depth, who moved past Luke Hemmerich and served in the penalty area Roman Proko

Cristiano Ronaldo is missing Manchester United in the derby against MANCITY

Cristiano Ronaldo misses the derby against Manchester City on Sunday . The star runner of Manchester United is informed of Sunday and Goal information for the duel with the unloved neighbor not in the squad of TeMmanager Ralf Rangnick. For manunited, Ronaldo's failure means double bad news, since with Edinson Cavani, another impactor for the Derby is not available. Marcus Rashford is now the only remaining option for Ralf Rangnick. With 15 goals and three assists in 31 competitors, Ronaldo United's most dangerous offensive power is this season. On the duel with City was also particularly worn, as the Premier League master had also been associated with a 37-year-old commitment last summer. Articles and videos about the topic * Guardiola: "We absolutely need a striker" * "Definitely": Guardiola demands new striker * Manchester City vs. Manchester United, Transfer: Premier League today live in the TV, Livestream and Livesticker English Cup Competi

Davis Cup: Australia, France and Spain among the best 16

For the 28-humian Champion Australia, Thanasi Kokkinakis drove the decisive victory to 3: 2 success against Hungary. The Australian Open Champion in Double won its single duel against Zsombor Piros 6: 4, 6: 4. France won 4-0 against Ecuador, Sweden 3: 2 against Japan and Spain came without the 21-color Grand Slam winner Rafael Nadal to a 3: 1 success over Romania. For the three points in the individual, Roberto Bautista Agut and Top Talent Carlos Alcaraz. ## Austria excreted, Russia not admitted Extended Austria, the South Korea without top player Dominic Thiem 1: 3 defeated. The next stage are the group matches from 14 to 18 September. It follows a K.-O. round from the quarterfinals from 23 to 27 November 2022, the venues are not yet known. Defending champion Russia may not participate in the competition as a result of the sanctions of the International Tennis Association ITF.

FC Schalke 04 loses 7 gates

Simon Terodde remains the gate guarantee at FC Schalke 04 - but could not prevent the bitter home. The center-runner achieved three more goalouts, but got Bundesliga-relegated Schalke 04 in the home game against relegation candidate Hansa Rostock not before 3: 4 (2: 2). The 34-year-old raised its goal counterage account to 19. Terodde was successful in the 33rd, 43. and 83 minutes by head for the narrow. Svante Ingelsson (25.), John Verkoek (40th), Pascal Breis (56) and Nils Fröling (90. + 5) brought the Mecklenburg four times in the lead. "If you get four goals against Hansa Rostock, that's bad. We have to face that," Terodde said at the "Sky" microphone, "Rostock deserved here highly deserves here. If you get a counterattack in the end, that's one Stab in the heart." Due to the defeat, the Schalke left three points again and gradually lose the connection to the ascent ranks. The FC Hansa left relegation rank 16 and improved to position 14.

BVB: Confusion for interest from Hertha BSC to BVB

For several weeks, rumors, Hertha BSC likes to abolish Borussia Dortmund's Chefscout Markus Pilawa. However, there are contradictory messages around the alleged interest in the important BVB employee. Markus Pilawa is the main manager of the scouting area at Borussia Dortmund. For ten years, the functioning for the BVB works. Previously, Pilawa worked at VfL Bochum. Now the Dortmund obviously waves a new job. So Hertha BSC is currently interested in a commitment. In the Berliners, Pilawa is to take over the post of Dortmunds director and thus become successors of Arne Friedrich, it says. But according to the "Ruhr news", the flirt between the Hertha and the BVB scout is currently not so hot. Accordingly, there is no contact in the direction of Pilawa, nor in the direction of the Westphalia by the capital club. Hertha Managing Director Fredi Bobic also responded in the recent Berlin press conference. "I know he's BVB scale planner. Personally, I have never m

Epic Games Buy Bandcamp, the music platform, to create "an ecosystem"

Epic Games You have announced the acquisition of Bandcamp on Wednesday, an independent music store in which all kinds of artists give discovering their works to the customers of the platform. With this movement, music explained by the North American firm in an official statement, the platform will become a new Epic Games subsidiary; A movement similar to the purchmusices of ARTSTATION and SKECHFAB in the pmusict. Discover, connect and support independent music "The goal of Bandcamp is to help spread the healing power of music by building a community in which artists thrive thanks to the direct support of their fans," said Ethan Diamond, General Director and Bandcamp co-founder. With its incorporation to Epic Games, they will accelerate their purposes thanks to the Poyo of a large company, specifically, to empower more musical creators "in a fair and open way". Epic Games goes a step further. Your link to the video game will not be set musicide with thi

The Nintendo Podcast # 185: Ninth Pokémon

Table of contents 1 summary: That sounds in the new episode! 2The new episode listen directly here! 3All topics of the 185th episode - Timecodes 4All info about the Nintendo podcast Summary: That sounds in the new episode! The ninth Pokémon generation will be released this year for the Nintendo Switch - which was announced on the occasion of the Pokémon Day as part of a Pokémon Presents! Meanwhile, a very special Pokémon collecting card was auctioned for nearly one million US dollars - absolute record! In addition, Nintendo has also taken a studio for a change - but to do something else to Microsoft or Sony. Table of contents Summary: That sounds in the new episode! The new episode listen directly here! All topics of the 185th episode - Timecodes All information about the Nintendo podcast ** Today's consequence of the Nintendo podcast will be presented by highway police simulator 2, the second part of the popular police simulation, now also very new for the Nintendo Switc