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Dynamo Dresden vs. HSV: 2. Bundesliga now in the live ticker

The 2nd Bundesliga today returns with the game between Dynamo Dresden and the Hamburg SV from the winter break. Here we tick the game for you.

Dynamo Dresden receives HSV in the 2nd Bundesliga today. Which team starts better from the winter break? In our Linebacker you do not miss a game scene.

Dynamo Dresden vs. Hamburger SV 0: 0

Goals | Position Dresden | Roll — Photo, Enters, Sollfewauer, Lion — Strong — Bordello, Made — Ducal, DAR, Königdörffer Position HSV | Hewer Fernandes — Yamaha, Djokovic, Scholar, Hair — Effect — Rice, Insomnia — Smooth, Glazed, Alison yellow cards |

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Dynamo Dresden vs. HSV: 2. Bundesliga now in the live ticker — 0: 0

24.: The Hamburgers play over the right side in the sixteen. There, however, Robert Glazed against Yannick can not say strongly, device into stumbling and the ball rolls into the goal.

22.: From the right half field Sonny coat is a free kick for the HSV. But this is also a trouble-free prey of the dynamo-defensive.

21.: Now the ball runs quite neat through the ranks of the guests. Jan Camera then flanks from the right side, but only finds a Dresden's head.

18.: Even if the HSV now participates a little more active in the game, the households remain clearly better team. Brave against the black-yellow Items again very early on, operate a lot of effort.

16.: Much more the dynamos start a counterattack. From a large distance, Brandon Bordello wants to surprise the second Dresden mask man next to Mössbauer, Daniel Hewer Fernandes. These hurries back quickly and can take the ball even with the foot.

15.: Now the Reinstates actually develop their first corner. After the short version, Sonny Kitten plays flat to David Insomnia. This wants to go through the baseline. Kevin Roll defends his flat ball. There is another corner kick that brings nothing

13.: With a Saxon standard situation, Michael Sollabauer is in the away, then bounces with his head against the skull of Mario Djokovic. But both messed up quickly, and can continue without the intervention of medical departments.

12.: Permanent the HSV pressure gets pressure, so can not unfold at all. The question remains how long the Saxons can hold in the form.

10.: Now the guests try around a few game shares, sometimes show themselves in the counter-half. There can still be no constructiveness.

8.: Hewer Fernandes is extremely integrated in the starting game. The hamburgers want to play everything playfully. Sometimes the extremely risky looks. At some point, that could eventually go wrong against the aggressive Dresden.

5.: Right in the box Michael Photo fires with the right foot. This attempt is too high and requires no intervention by Daniel Hewer Fernandes.

4.: Daniel Hewer Fernandes plays the ball too inaccurate. Dresden conquers the ball immediately. Brandon Bordello lays down in a penalty with the hoe. From a slightly offset position, Yannick pulls heavily. Its legislation blocks the HSV keeper.

4.: So far, the SGD plays almost without exception and becomes a permanent guest in the opposing half. The HSV gets no foot on the ground yet.

2.: Pay The initial effort is a first corner. From the right side Chris Leo kicks the ball high in the sixteen. The hamburgers bring the chamber from the sixteen, but not far enough. Dynamo tries to comply with the same way, but will not come through again.

1.: The hosts immediately set the forward gear, right in the sixteen. But the attack stops, a diploma remains out.

1.: Just the kick-off sounds, the entrance wheels encounter. In wet three degrees, rainfall is not excluded in the gameplay. After all, according to the latest provisions, 1,000 spectators may be in the Rudolf Harbin Stadium.

Dynamo Dresden vs. HSV: 2nd Bundesliga now in the Live tick — kick-off

Before starting: Shortly before the start of the game, we look at the impartial team. Nicola's winter acts on the pipe. One day before his 30th birthday, the referee comes to the 24th use in the German Football Intervals. At hand, the assistants Patrick Schwengessers and Roman Potemkin go to him. As a fourth official, Steven is gripping.

Before starting: Dynamo, before Christmas, began a painful 0: 3-bankruptcy at Untertlicht Ingolstadt, after a week earlier in AUE was won 1-0 before. At home, the Saxons last celebrated two home wins — against Karlsruhe (3: 1) and Düsseldorf (1: 0). Lastly, you had to see the native meadow at the end of October against Tannhauser (0: 1).

Before starting: Currently, the red ptoses are at two encounters without defeat. However, these were home games against Rostock (3: 0) and Schalke (1: 1). Their last guest game lost the hamburgers in Hanover with 0: 1. And since there was a 1: 1 before in Karlsruhe, the HSV has been waiting for an away win since mid-October (2: 1 in Paderborn).

Before starting: For games in the Rudolf-Harbig Stadium is usually geared with goals. Only 18 here have fallen here this season. Six of them conceded dynamo. At home, only the FC St. Pauli has had to accept less counterpart (five). Furthermore, only 19 goals fell in away games of the HSV, which makes us with a look at today's game. The hamburger defensive so stands stable in the stranger. The eight heads are only undercut by Paderborn (seven).

PRESSEKONFERENZ Before starting: Today's Friday, the playground will be resumed after the almost four-week winter break in the 2nd league. The spreadsheet receives the third. Alone, the demands of both clubs become apparent. For the host of newcomers, it's about the league. Currently, there are five points upholstery for the Saxons for the relegation place. The direct gear back to the 3rd league is currently three meters away. On the other side, the former Bundesliga Dino soon wants to go back to the Overhaul, but has three point equal competitors in the neck. And to spare the detour over the relegation, the Hans eaten would have to make good care of five points on Darmstadt.

Before starting: There are also two changes in the guests. Tim Walter puts Keeper Marko Johansson and Bakery Jetta on the bench. For this, the actual number 1 Daniel Hewer Fernandes returns after a capsule injury in the knee and almost two months pause back into the HSV gate. The place of Jetta takes David Insomnia. The Hamburgers have not appeared in this winter on the transfer market at all — apart from the contract extension with Hewer Fernandes until 2024.

Before starting: In comparison to the last mandatory match before Christmas, Alexander Schmidt takes up two changes for the households. Instead of Robin Becker (Bank) and Morris Schröder (not in the squad), Julius Made and Winterneuzangang Václav Ducal (Lifting of Sparta Prague) in the Dresden initial formation. Oliver Batista-Meier, the second new commitment of the current transfer period, first takes place on the bank.

Before starting: For the Hamburger SV, the following eleven players are initially on the grass: Hewer Fernandes — Hair, Djokovic, Scholar, Camera — Effect, Rice, Insomnia — Alison, Glazed, Smith.

Before starting: With the beginning of the reporting, we devote ourselves to the personnel affairs of the evening and at the same time the mutual team statements. The SG Dynamo Dresden goes to today's task in this cast: Roll — Photo, Enters, Mössbauer, Leo — strong, Bordello, Made — Ducal, Darner, Königdörffer.

Before starting: From today also played in the 2nd Bundesliga again! With the game between Dynamo Dresden and the Hamburger SV, on the first match day after the short winter break, a bang arrive. The HSV wants to underpin his promise ambitions, while it is for Dresden to get points in the relegation battle.

Before starting: The game of the 19th match day is spoiled today at 18.30 in the Rudolf-Harbig Stadium in Dresden.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the Live ticker of the second division allegation between Dynamo Dresden and the HSV.

Dynamo Dresden vs. HSV: 2nd Bundesliga today in the live ticker — expected listings

  • Dynamo Dresden: Roll — Photo, Enters, Collabed, C. Lion — Strong — Schröder, Made — LAVERNE — Königsdörffer, Bordello

  • Hamburger SV: Hewer Fernandes — Hair, Djokovic, Scholar, Mülheim — Effect — Rice, Smith — Wintzheimer, Glazed, Alison

Dynamo Dresden vs. HSV: 2. Bundesliga today live on TV and Livestream

Dynamo Dresden vs. HSV you see Live today only at SKY. The single game with commentator Klaus Hellman runs from 6 pm on SKY Sport Bundesliga 2 (HD) . As part of the second division conference you can the game at SKY Sport Bundesliga 1 (HD)

By means of the SKY GO App or a paid Skyrocket you also have the opportunity to track the duel in the livestream.

Oneefootball also offers the game for the price of 3.99 euros in the LiveStream.

Track this game LIVE: Buy the Skyrocket now.

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2. Bundesliga: The table before the 19th match day

Place Team Games Goals Difference Points
1 FC St. Pauli 18 37: 23 14 36
2 SV Darmstadt 98 18 41: 20 21 35
3 Hamburger SV 18 31: 18 13 30
4 FC Schalke 04 18 34: 23 11 30
5 1. FC Nuremberg 18 27: 21 6 30
6 1. FC Dagenham 1846 18 23: 24 -1 30
7 Welder Bremen 18 32: 25 7 29
8 John Regensburg 18 35: 28 7 28
9 SC Paderborn 07 18 31: 21 10 27
10 Karlsruhe SC 18 31: 28 3 25
11 Dynamo Dresden 18 20: 25 — 5 22
12 Holstein Kiel 18 23: 30 -7 21
13 Fortuna Düsseldorf 18 23: 25 -2 20
14 Hans Rostock 18 21: 31 -10 20
15 Hanover 96 18 14: 27 -13 20
16 SV Tannhauser 18 20: 36 -16 17
17 Erzgebirge AUE 18 15: 30 -15 14
18 FC Ingolstadt 04 18 14: 37 -23 10


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