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Three Africa Cup games laid

After the mass panic with at least eight dead, two quarter-finals and a semi-final game of the Africa Cup in Cameroon have now been relocated to another stadium, the Continental Association CAF announced. A quarter-final duel set for Sunday takes place in the Ahmad Video Stadium instead of the State d'Plebe. Another quarter-finals on Sunday and a semi-final on Tuesday will now be kicked off in the Tacoma Stadium in Douala in the Video Stadium. The Ahmad Video Stadium and the State d'Plebe are located in the capital, June. In the case of a mass panic, the Plebe Stadium had been killed between hosts and the Comoros (2: 1) on Monday eight people and 38 injured in front of the Sleeve Stadium. For the other semi-final, which is to be held in the Sleeve stadium, the association has not yet known a decision. These depend on the results of an investigation of mass panic. You must first check the report before the semifinals can take place in the Sleeve Stadium next Thursday. The d

Old firm Derby confirms: Glasgow Rangers comes to UFL

Fans of Scottish football can be happy. First came the announcement that Celtic Glasgow will cooperate with developers and publisher Striker Inc. for their upcoming football game NFL, now the local rivals are on the series. Glasgow Rangers is the latest official partner and will be licensed in NFL. The reigning master of Scottish Premiership is in a selection of sonorous names, such as Borussia Mönchengladbach, Sporting Lisbon or Schachtar Donetsk. Like these clubs, the Rangers with licensed players and accurately modeled stadium in the free football simulation will be included. The fan base will be happy to join the NFL Gaming community As already some partners previously, the currently involved parties are highly euphoric about this partnership. Director of Commercial & Marketing at Glasgow Rangers, James Bisgrove, enthuses in particularly high tones from the game: We have already seen Gameplay for the Box Stadium from NFL, and it looks fantastic. We are sure that the gl

Lol: mikyx at excel has the whole sense of the world because lec is a zero sum game

News has started just a few minutes ago. MICHAEL MIKE Merle stops being on the bench of g2 esports and tab for excel esports . The British club, after a lifetime outside the playoffs in the maximum European competition of League of Legends, has decided to make a movement that has made the foundations of LEC itself. LEC is a zero-sum game said in another way: this will win It is no longer that it is a Blockbuster, as Americans call this type of transfer, but it is a movement that brings a lot of controversy... although paradoxically buried the story of the G2 jail, term popularly used for Talk about these starfish to the wait for someone to pay the requested money. As the case of Maxwell, for example. And the reason is that this movement expels from five holders to Hank Adrienne Rajendra, a bet of late season that this year had received the gallons of the team along with Jungle Mark Maroon Van Counsel. But after two weeks and five games, he leaves the team with a very you

NFL | Wild Brady speculation after shock

Does Tom Brady continue? Or does he stop? After dramatic with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the future of the superstar is speculated. Tom Brady stunted, kinked and lost thought from the arena. He, the superstar, the goat, could not prevent the drama, the dream of title defense in the NFL with his Tampa Bay Buccaneers was burst. And how. The football world wonders now: Brady continues? Or does he really stop? I have not thought much about it yet, said Brady after the 27:30 against the Los Angeles Rams completely disappointed with his future: We look from day to day and watch where we stand. Maybe the fans have actually seen the last game of the 44-year-old now, while in the quarter-finals of the play-offs almost as often at Brady ran. But just almost. 3:20 lay the Buccaneers at the back of the back, then it was even 3:27 from the perspective of Brady. But the COMEBACK king of the NFL turned on, started as typically in his career a sheer incredible catching up. 27:27 Suddenly it was su

Zverev: "Just a shit

Deep breastfeeding Olympic champion Alexander Zverev with head-raised head from the square. All his title hopes for the Australian Open has to be rejoiced in Germany's best tennis player after a puzzled weak and sluggish appearance abruptly in the second round. After 3: 6, 6: 7 (5: 7), 3: 6 Against Canadian Denis Shapovalov On Sunday in Melbourne, the possible dream duel with the Spanish Tennis Star Rafael Nadal falls out in the quarterfinals. Duel against Naval falls out Room break and false decisions At the end of the day, it was not good enough, said the best German tennis player: There are no excuses. There is nothing, I have to take it myself on my own hat and try to make the best, said the World ranking third. I have felt extremely slow, I did not felt fresh. Alexander Zverev Zeal was considered the first Grand Slam tournament of the year as a co-favorite and had traveled with the aim of Australia to get the title. I could sit here now, and say, I have a cold and so

After BVB game in the DFB Cup: FC St. Pauli confirms Corona

Attacker Igor Metabolic from DFB Cup quarter finalist FC St. Pauli has been positively tested for the coronavirus. The 18-year-old was not in the squad of the Kiezkicker on Tuesday night at the 2-1 success in the cup against defending champion Borussia Dortmund. The fully vaccinated Metabolic had been isolated on Tuesday morning due to a positive rapid test and no more contact with his teammates, it said in a club statement: A PCR test then brought certainty over the positive findings. Among other things, Metabolic falls out for the city of the Hamburger SV on Friday (18:30 / SKY).

Three hours before Poland

Matthew Rostock (Douglas, July 16, 1997) is a British professional athlete that contends in cycling in track and route methods. He won a bronze medal at the European Cycling Champion of 2016, in the screening examination by teams. The number of coronals in the German handball national team has increased to nine on Tuesday. Less than three hours before the final group match against Poland (18.00 in the Livestock), the German Handball Association (DUB) informed that even goalkeepers Till Glimpse and Marcel Schiller had positive results at PCR tests. The DUB team will therefore compete with 14 players against Poland. For the infected duo, goalkeepers are nominated Daniel Reimann (fresh on Göttingen) and left outside Patrick Viewer (TV Stuttgart). On Monday six national players, including the two 2016 European champion Andreas Wolff and Kai Hefner, had been positively tested on the coronavirus. Previously, there had already been a positive finding at Julius Kuhn. All the infected playe

1. FC Köln frees Katterbach for talks

Noah Auerbach will greatly leave the 1st FC Cologne in the winter break. The Bundesliga club released the 20-year-old on Monday from the training so that these talks could lead to interested clubs. Most recently, Auerbach did not matter in the planning of Effie coach Steffen Rampart. A loan business appears possible to give the left-back game practice. As a possible new employer of the U21 national player, FC Basel is traded in the media.

Spectacle between Darmstadt 98 and KSC ends with draw

The firm runs a pay-TV offer using its subsidiary Sky Germany TV GmbH & Co. Skies has broadcast civil liberties in Germany and Austria, in Switzerland selected plans can be acquired from the payment TV deal Telecast, in Luxembourg over the settlement television deal of Article Luxembourg, Elton as well as Orange Luxembourg. Sky Deutschland GmbH arose on 27 September 2015 by transforming from Skies Deutschland AG. It was preceded by the investing in of the division of minority shareholders by the bulk shareholder. After a squeeze-out procedure as well as succeeding delisting of shares from the Frankfurt Supply Exchange, which was announced on June 8, 2015, by Skies Deutschland AG and finished on July 23, 2015, all shares of Skies Deutschland AG more than the Sky German Holdings GmbH held by the British Sky Limited, which has actually been a Comcast since October 2018. The last trading day at the Frankfurt Supply Exchange was 15 September 2015. Darmstadt 98 did not use the day of t

Union Berlin - TSG Hoffenheim 2: 1: Union jumps to a Champions League

The performance series of TSG Cofferdam is torn. The previous surprise team of the season collected by the 1: 2 (1: 1) at the home-strong FC Union Berlin after seven unbeaten games again a defeat. Voglsammer at his goal in happiness Union stops with running and bombing strength Union Berlin — TSG Cofferdam: The votes Union Berlin — TSG Cofferdam: The listings The Berliners who have lost only once in the past 26 games in old forest eggs, followed by points (31) with the crawls. Attacker Andreas Voglsammer (22nd) and Geisha Propel (73.) achieved the gates for Union. Cofferdam was launched by an own goal of Union-defender Time Baumgartner (17th). The game in the old Forster took place in front of 3000 fans, because Berlin goes a special way in the viewer regulation. For Union, it was also a successful dress rehearsal for the prestigious overthrew finale in the DFB Cup next Wednesday at the City Rival Bertha BSC. At Union, new entry Dominique Heinz replaced the Marvin Friedrich Movi

Dynamo Dresden vs. HSV: 2. Bundesliga now in the live ticker

The 2nd Bundesliga today returns with the game between Dynamo Dresden and the Hamburg SV from the winter break. Here we tick the game for you. Dynamo Dresden vs. Hamburger SV 0: 0 Dynamo Dresden vs. HSV: 2. Bundesliga now in the live ticker — 0: 0 Dynamo Dresden vs. HSV: 2nd Bundesliga now in the Live tick — kick-off Dynamo Dresden vs. HSV: 2nd Bundesliga today in the live ticker — expected listings Dynamo Dresden vs. HSV: 2. Bundesliga today live on TV and Livestream 2. Bundesliga: The table before the 19th match day Dynamo Dresden receives HSV in the 2nd Bundesliga today. Which team starts better from the winter break? In our Linebacker you do not miss a game scene. Dynamo Dresden vs. Hamburger SV 0: 0 Goals | Position Dresden | Roll — Photo, Enters, Sollfewauer, Lion — Strong — Bordello, Made — Ducal, DAR, Königdörffer Position HSV | Hewer Fernandes — Yamaha, Djokovic, Scholar, Hair — Effect — Rice, Insomnia — Smooth, Glazed, Alison yellow cards | This item is continu

BVB - Borussia Dortmund is supposed to offer Donny Van de Beek by Manchester United

Donny Van de Beek is apparently offered Borussia Dortmund for lending. The BVB was already interested in the Dutchman before moving to Manchester United from Ajax Amsterdam 2020. This reports the English newspaper Manchester Evening News . Also, the new Newcastle United should have been offered the midfielder. Both clubs are intended to show interest in the offer, which according to the report for the currently open Winter Transfer window. Van de Beek was once gone to the Red Devils for 39 million euros, before the BVB should have been busy with the 24-year-old. Since Van de Beek plays on the island, he could never build on his strong form from Amsterdam. So far, he was only in four Premier Leagues games in the starting formation — in the current season this was not the case. Articles and videos about the topic Rose irritated: Thought, we won 3: 2? The Bundesliga Fridays and Sundays exclusively live on DAZN — Register now! As a result, Van de Beek also lost its place in the

Battlefield 2042: The subnetdit of the game could close due to the enormous toxicity of users

As previously provided, this sort of publications is the major reason that this team closed this subnet. Furthermore, also assaults against other REDDIT customers comfort them with the concept that they need to close, considering that the disrespects are spreading for complimentary. At the time of writing this article, virtually 20 hours have passed after the statement of the Battlefield 2042 Subreddit creators in which it has explained the feasible closure of the game forum. The reasons that these followers are closing the REDDIT is the huge sight toxicity throughout the last weeks. In his thread they describe that they are not criticism to the video game that push them to shut, however a lot more harassment they are receiving from the community itself. In truth, hazards that can affect the personal privacy of developers are plainly usual in this string. To shield programmers with those who have really a couple of web links and also neighborhood participants, they are in discussio

System Shock Remake should go out this summer

Have you ever pre-ordered this game? Allow us to recognize in the remarks below. If you truly desire, you can currently try the System Shock demo in the meanwhile and choose. Following year will certainly be an amazing time for System Shock fans. The remake of System Shock as well as System Shock 2: Boosted Edition should go out this summer season on PC. The remake of System Shock as well as System Shock 2: Enhanced Version needs to go out this summer season on PC. Cyborgs to mutants to hostile robots, the original System fans will acknowledge some familiar dangers aboard the spatial station. If you did not know, the remake pre-order will also make you qualified for a complimentary copy of System Shock 2: Improved Edition, on which Night dive Studios is also presently working. A new System Shock game has been awaiting a very long time, however there is ultimately an outcome window for one. Recently, the Night dive Studios developer released a short teaser with the initial stran

Fear is a further height... 異 horror ADV ILL first play trailer released! It takes place to be drawn by UE5 transition

Developer Team Clout has published a new trailer that will be the first time in 10 months of focused horror ADV ILL at the end of 2021. This work is a first- person perspective horror ADV. Initially, development in Unreal Engine 4 was progressing, but in November 202, the transition to Unreal Engine5 was transmitted at PATREON developed in November. And the trailer published for the first time in 10 months is the actual gameplay video under development at UE5. The image is different from the concept trailer that has been published on YouTube channels, one of the developers, and the figure of the different shape is also lacking in the impact, but it is lacking in the impact, but it is released in the real Engine5 The created graphics and environmental sounds are quite immersive. ! Caution! If you are not good at grotesque expressions and cruel expressions, please refrain from browsing if you are under 18 years old. Details such as stories and characters are still unknown, but a

Lost Ark: Where can you play the MMORPG and does it happen for PS5 and Xbox?

The new MORALIST Ark comes to the West on February 11th. The developers as well as Publisher Amazon therefore expect many new players. But these questions now, the game comes for PS5 and Xbox? We clarify from Mango. On which platforms do Lose Ark appear? Since Lost Ark is not a completely new game, but a title that has been successful in Korea for four years, the MMORPG consoles do not change. This means that Lost Ark appears only in the West on the PC for the time being. Unlike the Korean or Russian version of the game, each of our own launchers, Lost Ark will even appear exclusively via Steam in Europe and America. A steam account is therefore mandatory to play the new MMORPG from Amazon. An Amazon account, on the other hand, you do not need it while that was mandatory for all players of the beta. On the PC Lost Ark appears on February 11 as a free2play title. Pre-order The Founder's Packs may already start from the 8th and explore the world of Armenia. Nevertheless, play w

Star Wars: What series are premiered in 2022?

Original text too short. Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett arrived at Disney + on December 29, but the most well-known hunker adventures of the galaxy will continue throughout these first weeks of the year 2022. It will not be the only Popeye set in The universe created by George Lucseries, since there are already several fictions confirmed for this year. Although none of them have a specific date, we know all the titles that will see light in the months to come. We review them. You may be interested: critical the bad remit Star Wars: Ardor The prequel de Rogue One will enjoy the presence of Diego Luna, the actor who plays the main character, Cseriespian Ardor. History takes place during the years prior to a new hope, that is, the historical moment in which the Emperor Palatine is at the height of the power of him. While the evil galactic empire prepares its definitive weapon, the star of death, a group of rebels begins to meet to end the reign of Terror of Darth Serious. The film