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Title chance for Bayern: That brings the 15th BL

Köln-Augsburg: What the FC has every Bundesliga ahead

Only five points lie-Gameday Bundesliga between the fifth and 13th place, and almost exactly in the middle of the platoons is the first FC Cologne before 15. Manages the Baumgart-Eleven to make a second follow-on Friday night against Augsburg for the first time this season, a victory? That the game in Cologne rises, is not a bad starting point: Only the FC in this season home unbeaten, while the FCA in 13 away games without a win is. In one place, the current table 16th However, none of their last six games lost guest (3/3/0) in Cologne.

Bayern Munich ● Road to Glory - Champions League Final 2019/2020

Bavaria Mainz: Lewandowski beckons the next Müller-record

After winning the top match of FC Bayern can take the next step of the autumn championship against Mainz — or even the past? Wins parallel and Bochum to Dortmund, the champions would be calculated early on Saturday night at the half-year target. And it would be no ordinary Bayern game, if not Lewandowski could set a record at the same time: 40 times he has taken in the Bundesliga calendar year now, Herd Müller holds the record with 42 (1972).

Bochum-Dortmund: Rice 'unhappy reunion with Rose

In the past, it was often not the direct duels, but the seemingly smaller games in which the BVB in the title race had to demolish. Games like on Saturday in Bochum: The climber stands with 19 points as significantly, won five of his last seven games (just like Dortmund). This time meets coach Thomas Was in Marco Rose actually on his seatmate from the football teacher training but the BVB coach is locked because of his sending off against Bayern.

Leipzig-Gladbach: 6th place? 16th?

The duel of thoughtful increases in Leipzig here RB who is looking and after the early exit for Jesse March following his line so Domenico Tesco will commission; there Playback, which according to 1: 4 and 0: 6-injured losses, but demonstratively no discussion about ADI Hubermann leads. Both teams are just as close to the 16th place as the sixth. That both stop in front of a direct clash in the lower half of the table, there has never been.

Freiburg-Hoffenheim: The corners Summit

Winner of the last game were against Freiburg and Cofferdam, who have now agreed to a duel fourth against fifth. The TSG waves — the first time under Sebastian Hotness — the fourth win in a row and thus the jump to a Champions League spot. Their successes owe both opponents and their standard thickness: Only Cofferdam scored just six goals from corners, Freiburg followed by five.

Wolfsburg-Stuttgart: What was no longer possible CFB since Trapani

Giovanni Trapani has left no deep traces in Stuttgart, this Saturday evening, the Italians but had another issue — because it was 2005, the last date CFB coach, said a victory in Wolfsburg succeeded. 13 performances were then unsuccessful, eleven of them were even lost. That CFB this season is outwardly still without a win is not a good basis for an end to this misery. Then even more Tor hope Marmots who meets his Kahlua.

Fürth-Union: More than two goals? Only in exceptional cases!

Twelve defeats in series, residue in all games — after 14 games has the Sprig Reuther Fürth Bundesliga negative records set. More seem to be working, with the goals conceded about the severed tail light also moved to Tasmania level. After all: from Union Berlin on Sunday no Torspektakel be expected. The Iron have once more achieved in their last 39 league games as two goals — the 3: 1 against the latter relegated Bremen.

Frankfurt-Leverkusen: The anti-zero number

With Frankfurt and Leverkusen two teams meet for the final with different approaches: Frankfurt succeeded no Convertor, Leverkusen gentler nine; Leverkusen hit only 125 edges, near Frankfurt alone Poetic 110. The outwardly unbeaten Herself comes after three wins in a row as the favorite in the duel that promises times to score: None of the 72 previous encounters ended 0: 0th


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