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Rogue Company Update 1.82 Patch Notes CJ Keller

Fortnite Battle Royale is a free multiplatform computer game belonging to the Genus Battle Royale established and also released by Legendary Gaming. It was introduced as a title with expected access for Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One on September 26, 2017, adhered to by iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch the list below year. Likewise, in 2020, it was released for the new generation consoles, PlayStation 5 and also Xbox Collection X|s. It is a spin-off of Fortnite game mode: save the globe and also a cooperative survival video game with building aspects. As a video game of Battle Royale, Fortnite Battle Royale has up to 100 players, solo, duos, trios or squads of as much as 4 players, attempting to be the last gamer with life eliminating other gamers or escaping them, while staying inside a Safe area that regularly shrinks to stay clear of receiving lethal damage from a poisonous tornado. Players should search for tools to acquire benefit over their opponents. The game adds the strength building and construction element; Players can break a lot of the objects worldwide of the game to gain resources they can utilize to construct fortifications as part of their approach. The game also has restricted multi-platform game between PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch over, computer variations and mobile versions. After the very early launch of Player unknown s Battlegrounds in March 2017 and its fast development, Legendary Games saw the possibility to produce a genuine battle setting from Fortnite. Epic Gaming tossed it as a method within the game, but later it ended up being an independent and also totally free video game, sustained by microtransactions that did not require the Fortnite Base game.

Update 1.82 has arrived for Rogue Company and here is the complete list of changes and troubleshooting added to this latest patch. Update 1.82 is known as Sinister Shadows update and thus there is a new Battle Pass for Season 4. The patches contain all available rewards and the various bundles that can be bought. In addition, the players receive a brand-new card called Wanted, a new mode called Wanted, updates for weapons, gadgets and perks. Players will also find that Robin has received a visual upgrade and also made some changes in the style of Saint and Talon. The rest are bug fixes and general fixes in Rogue Company Update 1.82.

Below you will find everything new with the Rogue Company Update 1.82.

Rogue Company Update 1.82 Pat notes (November 9)

Season four Battle Pass

The dark shadow update marks a new chapter in the history of CAAC. Return to Mexico and experience with the new map Wanted a piece of his origin history!

The Season Four Battle Pass is also there and contains 50 rewards that you earn by simply playing the game. While they play, they get battle pass experience and work to the top to unlock the incredible epidemic hex Kestrel.

Battle Pass Basic Package (1000 Rogue Bucks)

Nemesis Dahlia Lead and velvet primary weapons cover 60-minute boost 20% Battle Pass Experience

Battle Pass Elite Bundle (2000 Rogue Bucks)

+15 Battle pass stages Nemesis Dahlia Lead and velvet primary weapons cover 60-minute boost 20% Battle Pass Experience


  1. Fatal span avatar
  2. FacePalm-emote
  3. Corinthian slate wing suit
  4. Onyx primary weapons cover
  5. 30-minute boost
  6. Done for the day Avatar
  7. Copper splitter border
  8. 30-minute boost
  9. Perfect emote
  10. Storm winch wing suit
  11. The shadow title
  12. 30-minute boost
  13. 200 villains
  14. 30-minute boost
  15. Dark Huntsman Dallas
  16. Gillie Camo Secondary Weapons Cover
  17. Nature heals banners
  18. 45-minute boost
  19. Caliber DJ-emote
  20. 45-minute boost
  21. 200 villains
  22. Crimson Soundwaves Hoverboard
  23. 45-minute boost 24th toxic avatar
  24. Weapons and ammunition limit
  25. 60-minute boost
  26. Banner with explosive results
  27. Primary weapons cover with optical camouflage
  28. 200 villains
  29. Title of the rum driver
  30. Seismic activity limit
  31. Own spray
  32. Volcanic forged anvil
  33. Cyber ​​spider animal banner
  34. Ionizer primary weapons cover
  35. 60-minute boost
  36. Macabre landscape limit
  37. BESTRODE title
  38. 200 villains
  39. Moose Tracks Hoverboard
  40. Boombox breakdown emote 42nd Tesla Strike LR15 Full Body
  41. 60-minute boost
  42. Fatal Arrangement Avatar
  43. 200 villains
  44. ​​Kill or get killed Banner
  45. Including Test Primary Weapons Case
  46. Season 4 Avatar
  47. Sinister title
  48. Pest hex tower falcon

Ranking Fourth season

The fourth ranking season starts today, it grants the rewards of the last season and turns new free that you can earn! For those of you who are new in the ranking:

You have to have accounts 30 to participate You play in 10 qualifier matches to determine your ranking division and level Each division (bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond) has 5 steps Ranking points can be deserved or lost by winning or losing games

New card: searched

We are looking for Chance Review and the city in which he rose from the dead when his new himself reborn. The tomb of CAAC, a local hero, is adorned by marigolds, especially during a time of riots.

The map is located in a dry region of Yucatán, Mexico, where people want to justice and freedom from the corrupt governor. To keep his power under control, he made an agreement with Jackal to suppress the unruly population. The resulting conflict has laid the heart of the city in rubble and ash when the Rogue Company arrives to dig up the seed of corruption, but they could soon experience a little bigger...

New mode: searched

Experience the latest card, Wanted by setting you from 8 to 15 November for the temporary Wanted mode!

Schedule for the limited time mode

09.11. — 15.11. — Sought 11.12. — 25.11. — 6v6 King of the hill 16.11. — 29.11. — Team sniper



The balance of the shotgun is difficult to do, right; they can feel either too strong or too weak. Currently, there may be single digits to browse an enemy player with a shotgun while full headshots are enormously rewarding. These changes are intended to make shotguns consistent and reliable by word. reduces the range of the damage caused per scoop

With the new Striker changes Their first pellet caused, for example 40% of total damage caused, the following four each time adding 10% (total 80% of the full damage) and the last three pellets make the remaining 20th the end %. In summary, it can be said that part of each hit causes more damage with the new system, but we have reduced the damage from direct hits to this auszugleichen.


Basic and improved firing rates reduced Hüftfeuergenauigkeit reduced Damage increased drop in the first and second field falloff increased damage ranges to 1 meter


Range reduced to 1 meter Headshot damage from 125 to 110th reduced Body shot damage from 88 to 75 miles. Reduced

S12 tactics

Kopfschuss damage from 96 to 75 miles. Reduced Body shot damage to 70 on the 60th reduced

Striker 8 x 10

reduced Kopfschuss damage from 80 to 64 Body excess damage from 64 to 52nd reduced Level 1 upgrade provides no damage increase more

sniper rifles

WE a mixed feedback received on amendments to the scope. Some of you liked it, others do not, others were indifferent. For this reason we have decided to make this change for the time being reversed until we implementer. a toggle push for this weapon

LR15 full body

reset zoom change of the oscilloscope



The size of the base tray has been increased from 6 to 8 inches Improved magazine size of 8 to 10 degrees. Elevated


MIX throat

The MAW is a fast-firing weapon with high damage that is difficult to control. We want to make sure that it feels like in this role unique, especially compared to its closer cousin, Conviction LEG. This change will help make the throat at a distance, is something frightening what is justified because it is already difficult to control in remote battles is.

Damage reduces waste


The MX-R is a fast-firing Direction DMR, which is best if you can land a headshot during a fight at least. These changes will help ensure that the weapon during a fight is more precise and critical headshot reliable yacht.

Maximum flowering reduced Flower per shot reduced Heyday shortened

assault rifles

reduced Range for the entire class by 2 meters The maximum damage drop off range has been reduced by 2 meters


The KA30 cuts statistically well and was a topic of community discussion at a high level. We will continue to monitor the strength of this weapon carefully to see whether a further adjustment justified is.

Headshot damage from 31 to 29th reduced



Level 1 upgrade improves Ready your weapon after the sprint faster ready, added


Level 1 upgrade improves Damage range increased


Level 2 upgrade improves Damage range increased

A3 Salve

Level 2 upgrade improves Fast-ready weapon after sprinting


Level 1 upgrade improves ADR movement speed increases Level 2 upgrade improves Improve damage ranges Range upgrade increases


Smoke grenades should not be more destroyed by Molotov


Level 2 upgrade now increases the damage from 150 to 175

MIRV grenade

Level 2 upgrade now increases the radius of 3 to 3.25 meters Level 2 upgrade now increases the external damage from 40 to 50

Semtex Grenade

Level 2 upgrade now increases the base damage from 100 to 125

Active Protection System

Level 2 upgrade now increases the number of projectiles that can be neutralized by 1 for 2


padded stages

Cost increased to $5,000

nimble hands

Cost reduced to $3000



Defeat is poking damage from a distance often negated by the natural health regeneration before a player can take advantage of this opening. This change in the natural health regeneration is verbessern. the viability of long-range weapons such as sniper rifles and Mrs

Delayed Health regeneration of all rogue for 2s


Robin has received a visual update


This was a change made by the players, and we agree with: Saint s Drone is much easier to counterwise as Dahlia s revival and should therefore have access to the fastest available resuscitation speed advantage.

Now has Lifeline instead of Tracker Rounds Has now stalker instead of helping hand


Talon reveals enemy players on the mini card of his team is strong, but a true revelation is more substantial and convincing. We experiment with the radius of this ability to relinquish together with other factors and to monitor the performance of Talon exactly.

Radar arrow now reveals enemies in his radius


Account boost (like EP boosts) are no longer running while you are in the lobby or queue for a game


[Nintendo Switch] A problem in the lobby has been fixed that led to poor performance [Nintendo Switch] A problem has been resolved where players crashed at the side change in ranked [Nintendo Switch] A problem with the Try was fixed that occasionally led to crash [Xbox One] A problem has been resolved by the player occasionally felt a loud buzz in the lobby after a game A problem has been resolved in which player received a permanent immune status when it was deposited There has been a problem that occasionally marked the wrong player in demolition with the bomb symbol It has been fixed a problem that the player could not return to the main menu after giving themselves in a solo king of the Hill lobby An issue has been resolved in which friendly name signs occasionally did not appear It has been fixed a problem in which Gl1TCH could not chop sticky sensors It was fixed a problem that led to the ability of Saint to decay, and the drone is never used when it is used when dodging It has been fixed a problem in which the wraps of SLEDGEHAMMER MASTERY did not appear in the preview It has been fixed a problem through which the cannon has been put into an unusual state when it was shot down with the Gatling Cannon A problem has been resolved on Windward, where player could be damaged in cover A problem has been resolved in which the target aid at the shoulder change drifted from the target Fixed an issue where the capability icon of the cannon has not been displayed correctly when hacked by Gl1TCH while using its Gatling pistol A problem has been fixed in which weapons were lost when the championship emote was displayed in the preview It has been resolved a problem in which Mack s caused light bomb damage when a melee weapon was used in the light bomb AOE A problem has been resolved in High Castle, the player prevented from defusing the bomb if they were placed next to the trailers Fixed a problem in which the spin-up command prompt after using Gatling Gun stayed on Cannon It has been fixed a problem in which the Gatling Gun was not properly mounted on concrete screens A problem has been resolved through which the Gatling cannon mounted on Anvils Barricade hovered after the barricade was destroyed It has been fixed a problem where the camera Cannon did not follow if he crouched with the Gatling Gun Fixed a problem that led to the VO of Runway has been played every time the runway player after his elimination, the observed teammates exchanged Fixed an issue where the player a second invitation received when the lobby manager created a custom Lobby Fixed an issue that could sometimes no villains in custom or lock ranked matches with the player or select Fixed an issue where players were given a warning Out of Bounds when they jumped in navels on boxes Fixed a problem caused when the trip mines no harm if they approached from behind Fixed an issue where the Open Store message overlapped in the Chimera with awards such as Kill Streak notifications

More information about the latest update for Rogue Company can be found on the official news website of the game.

Rogue Company is free to play...


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