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2001 Space Trip -Inknown Planet Flight ADV EXO ONE experienced a profound universe [explosion play repo]

Original text too short.


This work is strong, and in order to get the story of the story from the fragmented information that is a beautiful graphic, and the contour of the story is obtained, this article will be introduced in the range of the gaming.

But the way the planet flies freely to the planet itself will be a spoiler, so if you are reading this I want to enjoy in the first look and enjoy it in the first look, then at this point I would appreciate your browser back.

The latest game is released a lot of daily life. Maker and store game introduction only I dont know what kind of game! And I am not a GAME SPARK reader. I am crying because I can not grasp it until I play. Therefore, this plan is to deliver the contents of the raw game to the motto as soon as possible, explosion play repo.

This time, Expletive and Future Friends Games worked on November 19, 1921, at Steam / Epic Games Store / Microsoft Store for PC (Windows), and in consumers, Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One (Game Pass for Game Pass) I would like to deliver live content about the planetary flight ADV EX ONE released.

What is EX ONE ?

This work manipulates a totally new spacecraft ex one out of existing concept, and the planet flight ADV to travel the stars of the galaxy. As a feeling that I actually played, the movie Female Toby Bit has been combined with the movie Fend Dong Bit, and the intuitive movement method like the game wind tongue Bit is overall. I thought it was a game experience of. Lets introduce you soon.

Operation, setting, language

Operation of this work is compatible with keyboards and mice and controllers. Since it is originally a very simple button operation, there is no big difference or even if you play, but if you say strong, is it that you can do a more aged camera operation when using the mouse? Anyway, I use the Xbox One Controller to play this time.

Graphics can be adjusted to a detailed part such as resolution, refresh rate, quality and shadow. If you give a difficult and difficulty, you should load the CPU or Grave even if you lower your settings. The authors PC meets the recommended snaps and is cleaned up with a lot. This may be a compatibility problem.

Also, although the language corresponds to Japanese other than voice, it is also a difficulty to be a tooth parent with the subtitles of the event scene. At first, I thought that kind of direct production, but it looks like it looks like....

Main story start

When you start a new game from the title screen, the earth will be projected with the movie and a fragmented conversation record will start to flow. We will line information such as survival of the first Jupiter mission, the message received from the universe, new spacecraft, gravity drive......, and make the beginning of the SF story that is mysteriously.

The scene has a different planet and another planet is projected, and the operation part started seamlessly when the angle changes to a sphere that slides the surface.

I do not know what about what is, but this sphere is a new spacecraft at all, to be aware of this sphere.

We will proceed with a spacecraft while led to a simple tutorial display. A spacecraft with a gravetie-driven control system moves by manipulating gravity by super technology...... Please rest assured, and it is easy to operate against difficult shaft. High gravity and lower gravity if it is pulled with RT. LT is glide (soil), A jump. Rotate to the left and right left and right is operated with the left stick.

If the slope is slipped down by high gravity, acceleration, jumping from low gravity and shifting to the gliding mode, it is very fun to increase the sky while maintaining momentum. However, since the light inside the sphere, that is, when energy is canceled, it will lose momentum, so it is point to continue acceleration using surrounding terrain. In this way, it is the basic progress of the main work of aiming at each destination of each planet.

Beautiful scenery and production

The biggest attraction of this work is still in a beautiful graphic. Boastfulness of the planet itself is also true for weather changes, with water droplets, and such productions will be added to the flight and refreshing feel.

Some places where lava is either spouting, it can experience powerful images.

Also, despite being a planet of unknown areas for humanity, obviously artificial objects are obviously articles...... So-called monolith is scattered.

The type is different depending on the planet, but the correct body is a mystery.

Who is built for what purpose... There is also something that gives rise to rising and accelerated by sliding near the vicinity.

Especially from the sol ole of the destination, the light is fired in the sky, and if you touch the spacecraft...,

The production as seen in the movie is! This optical column monolith will fly a spacecraft to another planet.

in conclusion

A picture of the inter-interval subliminal, slight information obtained from the event scene, and a fantastic planet landscape...... A mysterious image experience that does not hold only with one element was in this work.

Another map of each planet is vast, and if you try to explore well, there are surprisingly an object that will scratch your imagination. If you can find anything by traveling to this deep universe, try playing by all means.

Title: EX ONE Compatible models: PC (Windows) / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One Play model in articles: PC (Windows) Release Date: November 18, 2021 Author play time for article writing: 2.5 hours Prices: Normal price 1,730 yen, Sale price 1,557 yen (until November 26, 21)


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