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Back 4 Blood Accessories Guide

Atrás 4 Sangre divides its elements in several different slots. You have two slots for weapons, one primary and one secondary. There are also three spaces accessories offensive support and fast. These complete their kit, with many cards that affect how you use them. the Atrás 4 Sangre The Accessories Guide is here to help you choose the best equipment for their construction. All letters are presented as work in Campaign Mode.

You can upgrade by purchasing accessories improvements in the store to the beginning of a mission. At the same weapons that are updated from white to green to blue and purple. Updates include free use potential and better effects. These enhancements and additional Slots are good buys, so coordinating your Copper and try to get them when you can. You can only carry a type accessory at a time. You can not carry as much as toolkits defibrillators, for example, regardless of how many have slots. Still, you can enter your inventory and drop them by clicking.

Atrás 4 Sangre offensive Accessories

Offensive accessories include Molotovs, grenades, explosions flash, razor wire, pipe bombs and firecrackers. Each has its own utility, but as the name implies, these are all throwable items that deal directly with Ridden. Hoffman begins with an extra space for accessories offensive, if he wants to build around them. To aim and preview where affect, hold the shutter button before releasing to launch.


Molotov cause small fires in an area of ​​effect. Inflict damage over time and work well in a bottleneck. Higher oddities improve the combustion time and damage. Gas cans and explosive barrels a similar effect when fired, which makes them great leaders traps. Molotov do not affect Charred Ridden. Unlike most other grenades, Molotov can bounce on a surface, making it great with fire safety.

Fragmentation grenade

Short, simple and to the point. Fragmentation grenades inflict damage in a wide radius. The closer the impact area, more damage. These are murderers of Tallboy, provided they are not ferocious. However, watch out for friendly fire. The improvements increase the blast radius and damage.


This is really the kiss of throwing objects from the chef. The flashbangs bewilder and weaken enemies in a fairly generous radius, which makes receiving more damage. These birds can be eliminated, freeing allies claws and heads through as witches and ogres breakers. Someone should always take the least of these, especially if you draw a card Corruption Chief. Since there is no harm involved, members of his party support are probably the ideal candidates. The exception is if you are running Rousing Speech, which disables the offending accessories. Updates improve the effect of weakening and radio.


Razor Wire is circumstantial but very good when relevant. With it, you can use maps of defense and defend the jukebox in Act 1. Almost all Ridden slow down drastically, which makes them easy choices. Otherwise, it is not very useful when you need to move on. Upgrades increase slowly and cable coverage. The Tallboys ignore Razor Wire and Breakers can destroy it.

Pump tube

Common Ridden attracts a radio and then detonates shortly thereafter. Very useful for events hordes if you need to reduce them and direct them to an area. The see the way the infierno screenshot above. Distractions are great! Beware of friendly fire and mutations, which simply ignored. Improvements increase damage and timer.


Ridden attract firecrackers without an explosion. This can be useful if they are extended or running towards you, as most will turn around and see the fireworks. Upgrades increase the time and radius of distraction. A like pumps the pipe, these are not particularly useful against mutations, but are excellent for Common Ridden hoards.

Cards offensive Accessories

| card Effect --- | --- Bomb Squadron | \ + 100% explosive damage, + 35% burst strength Demolitions Expert | \ + 50% damage accessories, -15% capacity ammunition Granada Double Bag | Inventory offensive +2, -10% damage Fire in the hole! | A launching an offensive accessory, get 20 temporary health and 20% movement speed for 5 seconds. Exchange grenades | +1 offensive Inventory Training grenades | \ + 25% damage accessories improvised explosive | \ + 75% Damage accessories, -25% Rate of change Scavenger offensive | Nearby offensive detects accessories plus generation Pyro | \ + 100% fire damage, fire deaths grant temporary health 3 detects flammable objects nearby Surplus Bags | -10% health, +1 inventory offensive team

Atrás 4 Sangre Accessories Support

Support accessories include analgesics, bandages and first aid kits. As you can imagine, these are designed to keep your computer running. Mom begins with pain medication and a space for additional support, and Doc has a bandage and a 20% additional curative efficiency. Both gravitate towards a healing role / support by default. Hold down the shutter button to heal itself, or ADS button to heal a close ally. Support accessories benefit from additional use rate and reduce the efficiency of healing. These can not be used if you are in full health. Field dressings Doc are scaled depending on the speed of use and efficiency of healing, but are not considered supporting accessories.


Analgesics provide temporary health slowly decreases over time. They are also, by far the fastest healing element. They combine well with other benefits to reload speed, damage and resistance to trauma. It works very well with a temporary health settings because they are very common. Improvements improve the amount granted temporary health. Analgesics can not be reused and temporary health can not give more than their maximum health.


Bandages restock their permanent health and are an intermediate point between analgesics and first aid kits. As updated, there is a small chance that can be reused. Assuming your Doc is running a version of healing, it is probably better equipped to use them. They are fairly common, so do not feel bad for them.

This Will *COMPLETELY* Change How You Play ???? Back 4 Blood GUIDE for Damage & Deck Builds (Nightmare) First Aid Kits

Great cures for large ouchies. The first aid kit restores health more permanent, but has the slower use among accessories support. Definitely something to let your doctor. These are somewhat unusual compared to painkillers and bandages, so you may need to buy them. Highest quality objects have a reusability, heal trauma damage and restore more health.

accessory cards support

| card Effect --- | --- Antibiotic Ointment | \ + 20% curative efficacy Bags Box O | -10% health, +1 inventory support team Alma charitable | At the heal another, get 50% of you cure it. chemical value | Apply analgesics provide + 25% damage for 60 seconds EMT Bag | \ + 40% curative efficacy, -20% recovery resistance experienced EMT | A using an accessory support, grants the target a 20% health to death / the end of the level. Waistbag | +1 Inventory Support Field Surgeon | \ + 60% curative efficiency, -50% speed of use Group Therapy | Support accessories you use also cure 5 health to all teammates Medical Expert | \ + 15% efficiency healing after using an accessory support, you gain 15% movement speed for 15 seconds Medical Professional | First aid kits, first aid cabinets and defibrillators that use heal 15 damage from trauma and restore an extra life Miraculous recovery | 25% probability that the support fittings that use have a double effect Poultice | Allied cured with an accessory support 20 other slowly regenerate health over 30 seconds. Shoulder Bag | +2 inventory support, -10% damage Stimulants | The pain medication that apply grant + 10% movement speed, recharge and exchange for 30 seconds Support for the carrion | Nearby detects accessories mount, engendros

Atrás 4 Sangre Accessories Quick

Quick accessories accelerate the game in some way or allow you to act quickly under pressure. They include ammunition bags, tool kits, defibrillators and paralyzing pistols. Karlee starts with a set of tools and a second slot for quick accessories.

Ammunition Bag

A ammunition bag provides a quick recharge of ammunition. This is explained by itself. There are niche applications for this, as if several people are running the same type of ammunition and can not (or do not want) share. If you chew a lot of ammunition, hold one if you find it. Best quality ammunition bags restore more ammunition.

Tools kit

The tool kits have several different applications. The first, obvious, is to open the hiding doors (marked with a yellow symbol). They will always have at least something good, either additional copper, weapons, accessories or even just a first aid cabinet. Tool kits can also overcome some obstacles, such as winking, or start a combine harvester to cut tall stems of corn. Take one or two of these, but not all need them.


These act as an almost instantaneous revivir, such as mom s special ability. You can even revive dead teammates, which can change the course in case of trouble. Along with a medical professional, rarely an ally will remain down or died for a long time. If you are running a medical construction, these become much more useful.


Break a pin or stun an enemy in front of you. Essential for melee combatants if they are not evangelo or are running breakout. Salt of the spit of Hocker, Crusher grabs, and even the witch trying to eat you. Take advantage of the pardon to eliminate them from the map. Decent choice If you plan to take aggro in a next hag.

Quick Accessories Cards

Card | Effect --- | --- Medical Professional | First aid kits, first aid cabinets and defibrillators that you use 14 damage to trauma and restore an extra life Public Services Scavenger | Detects rapid accessories nearby, more engendros

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